Here’s why it’s harder to book a Grab ride. After Grab acquired Uber, instead of having a combined 43,000 cars in Metro Manila (24,000 from Grab and 19,000 from Uber), Grab ended up with only 35,000 cars. Out of the 8,000 ex-Uber cars, 2,000 decided not to move to Grab, and 6,000 are missing from the LTFRB masterlist of TNVS drivers and so cannot be deployed.

Can't Book a Grab Car? Here's Why.

What’s Grab doing about this?

Right now, Grab is working with regulators to on-board the 6,000 displaced drivers. Meanwhile, Grab is releasing incentives to Grab drivers to increase the productivity of current Grab drivers by at least 15% per day.

Can't Book a Grab Car? Here's Why.

What can users can do to reduce the stress of their daily Grab rides?

  1. Share your ride with another Grab passenger. This not only lets you save with lower fares, but you free up more cars on the road for your fellow Grab users.
  2. Use the multi-sop feature. Each GrabCar ride allows for one additional stop. When you have someone to talk to, traffic jams can be more tolerable.
  3. Book earlier. Avoid the rush hour (when lots of people will try to book a ride at the same time) by booking earlier and getting to your destination ahead of time.
  4. Use other means of transpo in addition to (and instead of relying completely on) Grab. If you know the route, you can plan ahead and take, for example, a jeepney to a venue where it’s easier to book a ride; or take a Grab car to the train station and then take the train to your destination. While this can, at times, take longer and take more legwork (compared to a single journey Grab ride), you at least have a fallback plan instead of experiencing ride-booking pains.

Grab’s 100-Day Plan to Improve Everyone’s Journey

In response to user complaints, reports on long wait times, difficulty in booking rides, the annoying driver cancellations, poor driver behavior (among other problems), Grab has launched their 100-Day Plan to Improve Everyone’s Journey, with programs and features that improve passenger experience and driver welfare.

Can't Book a Grab Car? Here's Why.

These include Improved Driver Behavior (incentives to top performing drivers, driver code of conduct, Grab driver academy), Better Ride Experience (more intuitive interface on the iOS and Android Grab app, easier redemption of offers, emergency dial-911 feature), Upgraded Customer Support (scaling up of customer service team, reduction of response time, dedicated service lines for passengers, drivers, and platinum users), and Driver Welfare Program (drivers can qualify for perks like discounts on gas and preventive maintenance).

Can't Book a Grab Car? Here's Why.

How can you be a part of the 100-Day Plan to improve everyone’s journey?

You can share ideas to improve Grab’s service by using #BetterGrabPH and by tagging them on Facebook. You can also report complaints via official Grab channels:

Driver & Partner Hotline: (02) 883-7100
Platinum Passenger Hotline: (02) 883-7117
Help Center

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