Vividly colored wireless mice, a ready-for-work mouse and keyboard combo, a high-def tracking mouse, and a Bluetooth adaptor that turns an old speaker into a wireless one. Meet Logitech’s 2014 offering.

01 Logitech 2014


The Logitech Color Collection – Wireless Mouse M235

Logitech throws in four color variants to its Wireless Mouse M235 – Green Envy, Bubble Bath (pink), Blue Bliss, and Daring Diva (purple). Contoured for comfort and engineered for no input delays or drops, the 2014 Logitech Color Collection mice feature improved cursor and precision control on more surfaces, plus an extended battery life owing to a smart sleep mode and an on/off switch underneath (for when you’re taking long commutes or trips with your laptop). Every colored M235 mouse comes with a battery (lasting up to 12 months!) and its own plug-and-play nano receiver, so you can get to work the moment you cut the mouse out of its package wrap.

02 Logitech 2014

Why get the Colored Collection over the garden variety, cheap-as-air CDR-King mice? Because each M235 mouse comes with a three-year limited warranty and its receiver allows you to connect another Bluetooth device – a keyboard, number pad, or even another mouse, to your PC.

03 Logitech 2014

Paired with a drab black or gray or dull silver laptop, that colored mouse really pops into view, and in Starbucks, not just yours. “Where did you get that mouse?” Tell her it’s a Logitech, and smile coyly. The Logitech Color Collection mouse sells for an SRP of $16.99 or around P730.00.


Left to right: Francis Fontano (Channel Sales Manager, Logitech PH), KP Sim (Country Business Manager, Logitech PH), and Jeanette Wu (PR Contact, Logitech SG).


Logitech Wireless Combo MK240

Sometimes a laptop is too big and you want some space away from it, or your need to work with a Windows 8 tablet that doesn’t have a physical keyboard or a mouse. The Logitech Wireless Combo MK240 to the rescue.

04 Logitech 2014

Here’s a durable tandem of plug and play simplicity. Spill-resistant keyboard (because some of us work while we eat), low-key, minimalist profile (there’s no number pad to eat up space), and best of all you don’t look like an accountant / real estate person when you’re using this in Starbucks. The keys provide good bounce and travel (the keys are spaced apart right) and there’s enough of a self-satisfying physical click. (By contrast, try typing something serious on a tablet keyboard and watch yourself evolve into rage monster.)

05 Logitech 2014

The comfy mouse settles into your hand like a handshake, like a old friend. Three year limited warranty. Available in either white or black. It’s not backlit but if you get the white one, in dim lighting, you can still make out the letters. No need to worry about battery changing – the keyboard’s comes-with battery last up to 2 years (longer than some relationships that began in Starbucks) and the mouse’s comes-with battery life can stretch up to a year. There’s an on/off switch in each, to prolong the inevitable, which is good to know. It’s always better to know than not to know, which now you know.

06 Logitech 2014

This keyboard-mouse pair’s wireless relationship costs an SRP of $22.99 or around P1,200. Available by August this year.


Logitech Wireless Mouse M165

No one is telling you to go with fashion (the colored mice above) or to go out and get a pair (the mouse-keyboard combo). You’re life is in your hands. Nothing wrong with going solo and low key and in black. Introducing the stand-alone Logitech Wireless Mouse M165.

Logitech Stand Alone Mouse

Against the tide. The Logitech Wireless Mouse M165 (right most low-key mouse) holds its own against a tide of color. Because some people prefer things quiet. 

Simple. Wireless. Dependable. 12 month battery life. And the 2.4 GHz tech of the nano receiver ensures barely any skips or delays in input. High definition tracking means 1000 dpi or smooth, responsive cursor. Precision, with confidence, on a variety of surfaces, like the surface of your jeans while you’re wearing them. Available this August for an SRP of $9.99 or around P430.00. For some, stand-alone single is not a condition you settle with; in fact, it is, from the start, a way of life.

And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for…


Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

If you have speakers that aren’t Bluetooth-ready, and so you can’t stream your music into those old speakers, stop sulking. This tiny box from Logitech connects to that old speaker and turns it into a Bluetooth-capable one. Yes, maybe even those big old speakers in your shelf. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but there’s potential Bluetooth stereo speaker system in everyone’s home and bedroom – yours included.

07 Logitech 2014

But enough happy thoughts, here’s the tech. Following a simple set up, you can wirelessly stream stereo sound from your smartphone or tablet to any corded speaker. Streaming is possible up to 50 meters away, and from two mobile devices at the same time (it’s called multipoint Bluetooth connectivity). (We received our review unit, so please stay tuned for our review.)

The Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter is available by May and sells for an SRP of $49.00 or around P2,100.


At the launch, Logitech also showcased their gaming gears – the Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse, the G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad, the G510s Gaming Keyboard, and the G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset – sadly none of these items could be photographed neatly, not with this gamer girl (above) ignoring everything in the world, too immersed in killing virtual and virtually armed men.

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