Building on the success of previous generations, the new Jabra MOTION™ Office is the ultimate wireless headset solution for the knowledge workers and remote team members who depend on the free flow of information. Offering unique triple connectivity to connect with any device, the Jabra MOTION Office provides the perfect solution for keeping the conversation going.


Makati City, Philippines; 26 May 2014 – Jabra, a world leader in hands-free audio solutions, launched its new Jabra MOTION Office wireless headset today.Jabra MOTION Office_2

The Jabra MOTION Office wireless headset,which delivers triple connectivity for mobile, softphone,or deskphone through Bluetooth® technology, is created specifically as a solution for knowledge workers, remote teams, and employees sharing an office workspace. In a world where working from different locations every day is the norm, the need for seamless and stable connectivity becomes crucial.

The main objective with the Jabra MOTION Office has been to let knowledge workers and remote teams gain the full benefits from their mobile devices and collaboration technologies. The Jabra MOTION Office is the headset which bridges the gap between the users and the promise of productivity and innovation, allowing the free flow of information,” said Holger Reisinger, Jabra Vice President of Marketing, Products, and Alliances.

More companies are adopting the Hot Desking philosophy in which people share workspaces and laptop docking stations native to this type of office environment.The Jabra MOTION™ Office base can serve as a community desktop docking station, pairing with any other Jabra MOTION™ headset, and creating an instant workspace for the visiting user.

The Jabra MOTION Office concept is that technology should adapt to the user – not the other way around – and the Jabra MOTION Office delivers a full set of intuitive features that enable knowledge workers, remote teams, and mobile workers to focus on the job at hand. 

“The new knowledge worker belongs to a fast growing group of employees with a need to tap into the knowledge and expertise of their professional network – inside or outside the company 24/7”, explained Louise Harder Fischer, Research Partner at Jabra andexternal associate professorat CBS, and continued; “The Jabra MOTION Office is a great example of how devices and technology can be centered around the user’s actual behavior and give them the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime” .

Jabra MOTION Office_3

All it takes is a simple tap, and Jabra MOTIONTM literally followsthe user’s every move. Using the latest motion sensor technology,the headset adapts volume to fit the changing sound environment.And with triple connectivity for both mobile, softphone, or deskphone, it allows the user to move from the office to the open road in one smooth transition, connecting to all your phones with one headset, and transferring calls between phones as you head out the door.

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