Property matchmaker now offers an ambitious content platform called Explore.

When you’ve seen it, you’ll agree that it’s what someone honest would have come up with if they really actually cared enough to bring you the very best.

Since we rarely go Hallmark on anything, there’s a gem here.

It’s called Explore because, using only a PC, laptop, or mobile device, home buyers can get a detailed look at property developments all over the country. No need to go on a road trip. Right now, has released “Explore Taguig” and “Explore Makati” and they plan to roll out more “Explore” platforms to cover major cities and municipalities this year., ZipMatch Explore, Kyle Wiltshire

Kyle Wiltshire, ZipMatch CTO, walks audiences through the rationale behind ZipMatch Explore as well as its current implementations: Makati and Taguig.

John Dang and veteran real estate broker Chow Paredes founded ZipMatch in 2012. Paredes, who is currently the startup’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), believes that the value of “Explore” is having all of the right information one needs to be confident in buying a home. And the platform – your experience in using it – really does build up confidence (you’re presented with vital and accurate info) and trust (ZipMatch people know what they’re doing).

The “Explore” platform is made up of several key features:, ZipMatch Explore, property overview

Property overview – Users can read about the property’s key details, such as what amenities it has, and what policies the building implements., ZipMatch Explore, property review

Property reviews – Users can read reviews written by ZipMatch’s scout team, as well as those left by other reviewers. Users can also add their own reviews about the property., ZipMatch Explore, 360 virtual tour

360° Virtual Tour – Users can take a Google Maps-style tour of the major areas of a property, such as its lobby and amenities. We seriously encourage you to experience this now., ZipMatch Explore, Unit Listings

Unit listings – Users can see which units in the property are available for either sale or for rent.

Location overview – Users can see points of interest (groceries, malls, hospitals) and how far they are in relation to the property on our special map.

Developer overview – Users can read about the developer’s background and history in real estate.’s Explore platform encourages users, especially former tenants or visitors, to provide information that is normally not available on real estate ads or brochures., ZipMatch Explore, Chow Paredes

“We want to begin a conversation. As such, current residents, sales agents, brokers, potential buyers can create the most accurate picture of a property in the form of property reviews,” said Chow Paredes (above).

The startup, which is backed by investment firms IMJ Fenox, 500Startups, Ideaspace Foundation, and Hatchd Digital, is made up of a team of experts in IT and software engineering, sales, and business development, to SEO, 360 photography, and digital content marketing. The team’s goal is to make the home buying process – from scouting, home loan financing to closing – in the Philippines easier and smarter.


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