ZipMatch, a Manila-based and IdeaSpace-funded startup, simplifies the mess that property hunters and brokers go through.

The Problem

1. For property hunters, finding the right home is a long and tiring process.
2. For brokers, finding sure clients is also a long and tiring process.

The Solution

“At ZipMatch, we make the experience of finding a property like that of online dating. We make it easy to match the needs of our clients with the right properties available. We are a property matchmaker,” said ZipMatch co-founder Chow Paredes said at a recent press briefing.

Founded in April 2013, ZipMatch goes through all that trouble so that a buyer can find a home that fits his needs and a seller can find an interested buyer.

How it Works

ZipMatch How It Works


The Founders

ZipMatch Founders

ZipMatch Founders (From left to right): Chow Paredes, Co-founder and VP for Sales and Business Development; Kyle Wiltshire, IT Director; and John Dang, Co-founder and CEO.


Just to show you that the ZipMatch founders care about what buyers and sellers go through, they’ve thrown in small details you’ll love, including….

ZipMatch Flood Map

A floodmap overlayed on properties, so you know how “deeply” you might be committed to the property you’re eyeing.


ZipMatch 360 View

A 360 degree tour, so you know if driving the kids to school takes you too far away from work or the supermarket.

ZipMatch has also recently partnered with BPI Family Bank to enable home-loan applications to be part of its property search process. For more thoughtful add ons, such as Real Estate Advice and the scores of success stories sellers and buyers happily told about ZipMatch, visit their site.

ZipMatch Website

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