After seven seasons that featured easy to prepare meals and refreshments, Wholesome Meals Better Life is back for its eighth season on CNN Philippines.

Hosted by Christine Jacob-Sandejas, together with chefs from the San Miguel Culinary Center, new recipes that are perfect for the family will be shared starting on Monday, May 25 at 7:30AM. Wholesome Meals Better Life will not only give its audience a step by step instruction on food preparation but it also gives suggestions of where to get the best ingredients they can use for the best meals and drinks.

“For me, I think having the power to feed your family in a certain way is so empowering knowing what ingredients you actually put in, the dietary constraints a member of your family may have. And when you create something, even simple meals, it can already be a healthy meal for your family. It just adds a little bit more love and care and thought. I always like creating meals and it’s something that we can always do together.” Wholesome Meals Better Life host Christine Jacob-Sandejas said in an interview.

Christine will be joined by Chefs Pam Obieta, Rene Ruz, KC Jardin, Randy Oliva, John Valley, Yen Tan-Arcenas and Martin Narisma. These culinary practitioners believe in using quality ingredients to make each dish best tasting.

Tasty snacks and baon recipes which can be enjoyed by you and your family will be highlighted in this new season of Wholesome Meals Better Life. These dishes are easy and affordable that home cooks and parents can recreate at home.

Wholesome Meals Better Life airs Mondays to Fridays beginning May 25 at 7:30AM on CNN Philippines. Catch the replays daily at 4PM and 11PM. In case you missed it, you may log on to to view the episodes. Visit to also get the recipes featured in the show.

Tune in to CNN Philippines via Free TV Channel 9, Channel 14 on Sky Cable, Channel 10 on Cignal and live-streaming via,, and iflix app under NEWS section.

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