When loved ones plan a big party for Mom on Mothers’ Day, they pool their resources together. And sometimes it’s better to draw from a single source of funds, especially when paying for catering and rentals. But if Kuya is in Davao and Ate is Tacloban and only the Bunso is in Manila with Mom, you’d think sending money to bunso from bank to bank maybe the answer. But nobody likes charges incurred when transferring funds, especially when there are delays in Bunso’s getting the chip-in chip-in funds for Mom’s party. GCash Fund Transfer to the rescue.

If you’re a GCash user (just download the app and register), you can transfer funds from your GCash mobile wallet to a bank account (GCash is supported by 30+ banks) and vice versa, at no charge, in real time, and using only your smartphone.

So, while Kuya and Ate are flying to Manila, to Mom’s house, Bunso can get the funds from both and secure that restaurant reservation for 18 (because there are spouses and cousins and kids and nieces and, well you get the picture).

Imagine the time GCash Fund Transfer can save Kuya and Ate and Bunso in pooling their Mother’s Day party funds. None of them have to commute to a bank, in this heat and through this traffic, and fill up forms, and fall in line. If your GCash mobile wallet is topped up, you can do bank transfers – all on your smartphone while in your office, at home, or in transit. Oh, and you can top up your GCash via any of 16,000 GCash partners nationwide, including 7-eleven, or get funds via a GCash-partner bank’s mobile app, or via another GCash wallet.

GCash lets you do real time fund transfers in as short as 3 minutes – perfect for always-busy Kuya, often-multitasking Ate, and always-online Bunso (because you can sign up for a GCash account via Facebook Messenger and send and receive money, too).

To do a GCash fund transfer, you first need a registered (verified) GCash account (just download the GCash app for iOS and Android). When your GCash wallet is topped up, launch the GCash mobile app, choose fund transfer, choose from a list of 30-plus partner banks, type in the bank details and amount, tap confirm, and then wait for the confirmation message.

GCash is a virtual wallet service that lets its users send and receive money, shop online, pay bills, and much more. GCash Fund Transfer is the latest service available via the GCash app. BPI, BDO, Metrobank, UnionBank, Landbank, and China Bank are among the banks supported by GCash.

You can load up your GCash mobile wallet at partner outlets found anywhere – these include -7-eleven, SM Business Centers, Robinsons Business Centers, Puregold branches, and Villarica Pawnshop branches. Just tell the cashier or attendant to cash-in to their GCash account. Cashing-in to a GCash account is completely free.

Getting a GCash account is easy. Just download the GCash App (for free) from the App Store or from Google Play, then sign up for an account. Or, just look for @gcashofficial on Facebook Messenger and sign up. Mynt (GCash Financial) is the operating company of GCash.

So, don’t let the annoyance of bank to bank fund transfers – the charges incurred and possible delays in receiving the money – get in the way of your Mother’s Day celebration. If you need to deposit money to a bank, just do it with GCash. 

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