Vibal, a household name in the publishing industry and the pioneer of e-books in the country, has announced the release of the newest addition to its technology solutions-LearnLive AR, augmented reality for textbooks.

What is AR technology?

AR is a technology that enhances the user’s view of the physical world by adding superimposed computer-generated images. From the word “augment” which means to add to or to enhance something, augmented reality adds sounds, graphics, and touch feedback into the natural world to give users an enhanced experience.

It is different from virtual reality technology wherein users are immersed into a computer-generated environment, giving them a full virtual experience. With AR technology, users are not transposed into a virtual world, rather, they are given virtual tools that would augment their current world.

Augmented reality is a technology that is generating a buzz nowadays, with giant companies like Google and Microsoft exploring and creating AR-based devices and applications. One of the most popular and widely used applications with AR technology is the mobile game Pokemon Go, which was launched in 2016. The game uses smartphone cameras to allow players to interact with Pokemon characters superimposed over their real-life surroundings. The mobile game received worldwide success, paving the way for augmented reality to be more recognized.

AR as a Tool in Education

As a technology that promotes enhanced user experience, AR is a great tool for education. It can be used to provide interactive and gamified models for learning and training needs. Complex ideas are simplified and made more interesting through the use of visual 3D models, videos, and auditory features, thus making it easier for students to understand difficult concepts.

Incorporating AR in daily lessons also promotes motivation and engagement among learners. With augmented lessons, both teachers and students fully engage themselves in the learning experience.
LearnLive AR Mobile App for Vibal Textbooks

As an established provider of innovative educational tools, Vibal is bringing augmented reality to the classrooms with the LearnLive AR mobile app. This free mobile application was developed exclusively for Vibal textbooks by Vibal’s technology arm, Vibe Technologies.

LearnLive AR enables Vibal textbook users to access augmented reality features in the books. These include interactive models showing the parts of the sun, the circulatory system, and many more. These enhancements are currently available in Vibal’s Science in Our World and Rainbows in English textbooks.

Vibal aims to promote and enhance student engagement and to give learners a more realistic experience by bringing the lessons in books to life.

Interested individuals may email marketing@vibalgroup to experience augmented reality in textbooks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is AR? – Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that enhances users’ learning through experiential walkthrough that integrates digital graphics, sounds, and sensory experiences with the world we see.
  • How does one use LearnLive AR – Just scan the designated image in a Vibal textbook using the LearnLive AR mobile application on a smartphone or tablet to immediately unlock digitized renditions of concepts, theories, processes, and an entire universe of learning.
  • What Vibal books have been integrated with AR? – All Vibal textbooks are set to be integrated with AR technology starting in 2019. Here are the initial textbook series available with AR technology:
    o Science in Our World 1-6 Revised Edition
    o Science & Technology 7-10 Revised Edition
    o Rainbows in English 1-6 Revised Edition
    o Living with MAPEH 1-6 New Edition
    o Kultura, Kasaysayan, at Kabuhayan (KKK) 1-6 K to 12 Edition
  • Can LearnLive AR be used offline? – You will need an internet connection to download the app as well as its assets. Once these are successfully downloaded, you will be able to use the app offline, anytime and anywhere.
  • What are the OS requirement to download LearnLive AR?
Minimum Required Device Specification
ANDROID: OS: Android Kit Kat (4.4.x) Internal Device Storage: 8GB RAM: 1GB iOS: OS: iOS 9 Internal Device Storage: 16GB RAM: 1GB
Recommended Required Device Specification
ANDROID: OS: Android Marshmallow (6.0) Internal Device Storage:16GB RAM: 2GB iOS: OS: iOS 10 Internal Device Storage: 32GB RAM: 2GB
  • Can this app be used on both a smartphone and a tablet? – Yes. Although we recommend that students and teachers use tablets when in class in order to see bigger visuals.
  • How much of the device’s storage space does the LearnLive AR app occupy? – It will consume around 120 to 400 MB with all the files downloaded. Allot around 200 to 400MB to be sure.
  • What is the typical file size of one AR experience? – At least 1MB, maximum of 12MB
  • Is the app battery-draining? – As long as your device meets the recommended operating system (OS), internal device storage, and RAM specifications, it should not drain the battery faster than normal.
  • Is the app free to download? – Yes. For iOS users, you may download the LearnLive app from the App Store. If you are an Android user, you may download it from the Google Play Store.
  • Does the app only work for Vibal physical textbooks? – It will work on any Vibal e-book as long as the image matches the ones found in the corresponding Vibal physical textbook.
  • Does the content of the app need teacher or parent supervision? – Parents and teachers can rest assure that the content shown in the LearnLive AR app is appropriate for all ages. As long as the student knows how to properly operate the device, he/she can utilize the LearnLive AR app unsupervised.
  • Do you provide evaluation copies for AR-ready textbooks? – Yes. You contact the assigned Account Executive in your area, and request evaluation copies of the AR-ready textbooks. Vibal’s Customer Care Service team can also attend to your request and other concerns. You may get in touch with them through their email and hotline:
    Tels.: 63 (2) 580-7400 | 1-800-100-VIBAL (84225)
  • Are AR-ready textbooks more expensive than traditional textbooks? – No. You can have an AR-ready textbook at no additional cost.
  • When can we order AR-ready textbooks? – You may start placing your order as of January of 2019.
  • Can the app be used with a TV or projector? – Yes. For iOS and Android users, you may use the following:
    o VGA or HDMI adapter
    o Apple TV
    o Casting device (Chromecast and AnyCast)
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