Haier’s mission in the Philippines doesn’t stop at bringing its world-leading products to Filipino homes. It continues to aspire to be the most trusted brand of appliance in the country; and its newly appointed president and CEO Nobuhito Hayashi makes it his personal goal to win his customers’ confidence and loyalty.

Haier has gone a long way since its introduction in the Philippines in 2012, when it acquired Japanese electronics company Sanyo, a brand that has always been part of the many Filipino households; but building better awareness for Haier is a task that Hayashi never takes lightly.

Haier, Nobuhito Hayashi

Haier Philipines CEO Nobuhito Hayashi

“Sanyo is a very well-known brand in the Philippines and we appreciate that greatly, but as CEO of the company, it is my job to usher in the new DNA, which is Haier,” he says. Having only assumed his position in January of this year, Hayashi admits there is quite a lot on his plate, but building the image of the brand is one of the first orders of business. It could be a challenge, with strong competitors in the Philippine market, but it is one he is very excited to take on.

  • Haier, Yoshiaki Ito, Nobuhito Hayashi

His first couple of months were very hectic. He never wasted any time, flying all over the Philippines to meet the customers and see how the brand is doing in Visayas and Mindanao. “It’s always very important to know the customers and to know your products,” says Hayashi. “That way, you can keep up to date with the demands of the consumer and you’ll know what to offer them, how to keep them happy with the products that you come out with,” he explains.

Armed with passion, enthusiasm, and fresh new ideas, Hayashi also works at taking the business to new heights. Increasing corporate business and offering IT-related products are some of the things he has on his list. “I want to be able to expand the business and make everything double in three years,” he says.

Haier, Nobuhito Hayashi

Strengthening his team, building awareness, and doubling the efforts when it comes to product development, he believes, are the primary steps in accomplishing that goal. He recognizes the need for speed, to catch up with market. For him, falling behind an inch is not an option. “We have to be as quick as possible.”

Being young, at 39—the youngest to ever take the position—with so much passion and energy for what he does, combined with a modern approach to business, Hayashi seeks to make exciting new changes with the company. With him at the helm, Haier is bound to take higher leaps in the coming years.

About Haier

Haier is a leading first-class brand of innovative home appliance products and services that creates value for consumers beyond their expectations. Haier is about inspiring Filipino homes to live life in a higher standard with more energy-efficient, user-friendly and environment-friendly home appliances – ‘Smarter Life, Better Planet’.


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