Out of the seven teams that competed, team Heat Stress Analyzer won. Team members Jan Rey Altivo and Franch Maverick Lorilla will be sent to the DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference – Israel’s largest international gathering of the best tech startups – which happens from September 6 to 12, 2015.

IdeaSpace, Israel is Innovation,  Embassy of Israel

L-R: Jan Rey Altivo, Franch Maverick Lorilla, and Embassy of Israel Ambassador to the Philippines Effie Ben Matityau.

At DLD, the PH representative team will present their innovative idea to industry leaders who may help move the idea to implementation, commercialization, and recognition. The search for which team with the most innovative idea was launched by the Embassy of Israel and IdeaSpace Foundation last June 2015.

IdeaSpace, Israel is Innovation,  Embassy of Israel

The participating teams, IdeaSpace and Embassy of Israel staff, and the board of judges.

The other six teams had interesting ideas – QwikWire allowed OFWs to pay their real estate and other bills online, Cyburban is a gamification platform for real life activities, ProTEES is a crowdfunding-style t-shirt selling idea, WattSmart is a software-hardware package that can measure individual electric appliance consumption (among other things), Silip Aralan is an online paid-for educational platform, and ShakeIt is similar to tripadvisor but wants to distinguish itself through the quality of its content.

Heat Stress Analyzer, the winning innovative idea, is an electronic device that protects crops against irreversible effects of heat stress and provides data analysis for an improved next harvest.

Heat Stress Analyzer, IdeaSpace 2015, DLD Tel Aviv

Team Heat Stress Analyzer (above) is also one of the top ten winners of the 2015 IdeaSpace competition.

The selection of the winning PH representative to the DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference was held last July 10, 2015 at A Space Manila, Makati. Effie Ben Matityau (Ambassador, Israel Embassy in the Philippines), Anton Mauricio (Director, Israel Chamber of Commerce in Manila), Monchito Ibrahim (Deputy Executive Director, DOST-ICT Office), and Judah Hirsch (Founder, Salarium) served as judges.


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