Headquartered in BGC, MyKuya has been providing users with on-demand services at the click of a button since 2017. Offering services in the entire Metro Manila area (and some areas in Mega Manila also set to receive some support) such as on-motorcycle delivery, personal shopping, and even standing in line for users at payment centers, the platform has seen a surge in users during the ongoing enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). In fact, ECQ has thrown the company into overdrive in order to keep up with the sudden increase in demand.

Yet it isn’t only the users of the app that MyKuya is helping out. In the midst of the crisis, they’ve onboarded more than 10,000 people in March alone, all of whom can now avail of jobs through MyKuya. With MyKuya hoping to onboard even more Kuyas and Ates (as the company’s talent are referred to) through their Enterprise Partners, a recent online job fair by MyKuya has seen them receive about 1,000 applications in just 45 minutes.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that MyKuya’s Enterprise Partners are able to provide Kuyas and Ates with masks, sanitizer and gloves they need to do their jobs safely. Social distancing and routine temperature checks are also observed. Apart from that, those working with the company are 100% volunteer partners.

“At MyKuya, we really want to drive home the point that while we want to provide meaningful employment that helps the community, we also care about giving our Kuyas and Ates what they need to get the job done,” explained the app’s founder Shahab Shabibi. “The partnership with GCash to help us out with salary disbursement helps make doing that considerably easier. By making it so that we can compensate them much more efficiently, our people will know just how much we value them.”

Operated by Globe Fintech Innovations Inc. (Mynt), GCash is the Philippines’ #1mobile wallet. GCash users can install the app on both smartphones and tablets to pay the bills, buy load, purchase goods and services, transfer money to banks or even send and receive money no matter where they are. To date, GCash has over 20 million registered users and ranks number one on Google Play and App Store among top e-wallets.

With the partnership with MyKuya for salary disbursement, Kuyas and Ates get a comprehensive, end-to-end payroll service on top of all the benefits above through the GCash PowerPay+ platform. Employees can access their funds through their GCash account and use GCash Mastercard to function as a debit card. It will also be convenient for MyKuya to securely disburse funds regardless of the place and time.

This convenience is a game-changer for much of MyKuya’s talent pool. According to Shabibi, much of the Kuyas and Ates that have signed on recently were already living paycheck to paycheck even before the pandemic. On top of that, many were also contractual workers from industries most affected by COVID-19 such as restaurants and hotels. Thus, the ability to securely and quickly get their salaries makes a significant difference for their and their family’s well-being at this time.

This initiative also falls perfectly in line with previous efforts by GCash to push for financial inclusion. In the past for example, GCash announced that they would be reducing the need for documentation when determining a user’s credit limit on a QR-based lending feature called GCredit. Instead, the limit would depend on a trust-based credit score system.

“By partnering with GCash, it’ll be easier for us to make sure the Kuyas and Ates get compensated more efficiently and securely,” explained MyKuya General Manager Serene Samuel. “By giving us peace of mind on that, we can focus our operations more on providing quality service and generating additional job opportunities.”

Anthony Thomas, CEO and President of Mynt, also agrees. “Any partnership we pursue, it’s ultimately with the goal of creating a better society that makes it easier for people to live,” he expressed. “Hand in hand with MyKuya, GCash just got a step closer toward that goal of financial inclusion.”

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