In 2019, millions of people around the globe came to Spotify once again to listen to the music and podcasts that they love, while discovering new favorites along the way.

This year, we’re not only giving users their personalized Spotify “Wrapped”, we’re taking a look back at listening throughout the decade with “My Decade Wrapped’, which provides listeners access to the songs, albums, artists and podcasts they discovered and listened to the most throughout 2019 and the decade.  So who was your top artist of 2019? What was your top song through each season?

Spotify Wrapped 2019 Reveals Your Streaming Trends, from 2010 to Now

To find out, simply log in to your Spotify app – or head to to access your personalized “Spotify Wrapped“. Once you’re in, you’ll discover your top artist, top song through each season, top podcasts, genres, total minutes streamed in 2019.

This year, we’re also showing how global your listening is by highlighting where some of your top artists hail from on a world map. Spotify users who have been with us for at least two years will get a personalized recap highlighting their top artist and total minutes streamed throughout the decade, as well as top artist and song for each year.

Spotify Premium users will even get to go a little deeper, with access to additional personalized data stories and insights about their year in listening that includes the number of artists they discovered and the top artist they discovered this year.

Spotify Wrapped 2019 Reveals Your Streaming Trends, from 2010 to Now

Spotify Premium and Free users alike can share the results with friends, family, and followers through Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook with a personalized “2019 Wrapped” or “My Decade Wrapped” share card. These are complete with a summary of your top tracks, artists, and genre from their listening history on Spotify. Relive your top tracks in a personalized playlist or take a look at the most-streamed songs on Spotify in the Philippines this year and throughout the decade.

Artists and podcasters can also do the same to discover how their music and podcasts connected with fans across the world for 2019 Artist “Wrapped” and 2019 Podcaster “Wrapped.” Find out more about the “Wrapped” experience on Spotify’s For the Record blog post.

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