Cathy Santos, a single mother and small business owner, could not have foreseen that COVID-19 would take her life. When she visited her BDO branch years before, her BDO Life Financial Advisor (FA) told her something that struck a chord: “Ma’am, pa’no kung may mangyari sa inyo? Kayo ang sole breadwinner sa isang single-income household. Sa inyo lang umaasa ang mga anak nyo.”

Cathy had initially been asking her BDO FA about safeguarding her daughters’ financial future, for life insurance for her two daughters – something that would give them a head start in life when they got older. The conversation brought out Cathy’s worst fear: her daughters left alone with no one to turn to, and no one to support them.

She gave it much thought, knowing that an added insurance premium would add a financial strain, that her own parents dismissed premiums as a waste of money, and that her daughters are depending on her and her alone. She decided to listen to her FA’s advice and took out a life insurance policy for herself.

After that, knowing her life insurance policy was in place, Cathy felt more at peace: whatever happens, her daughters would be protected. Still, her parents, who were living with her, actually tried to convince her to withdraw her policies. But she diligently paid the premiums for her and her daughters’ coverage – a single mother committed to protecting her children’s future.

Years later, in 2021, Cathy contracted COVID-19, spent weeks fighting off the virus, but died in her sleep. Her daughters were devastated.

But Cathy’s foresight, pragmatism, and sense of responsibility paid off. Her BDO FA, upon learning of the tragedy, worked on helping Cathy’s daughters immediately access the funds to cover their mother’s final expenses. What was left of Cathy’s policy was enough to sustain her daughters over the next few years.

Here’s is a clear a story of a mother committed to caring for her children even after she’s gone. It reminds us that we can provide for our family in the here and now as well as in the hereafter. With good financial planning and the right insurance plan, you can rest assured your family with be taken care of, even after you’re gone.

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