A person’s individuality is reflected in their different interests and passions. For Liza Soberano, her goal is to encourage the young generation to discover their “awesome.” This means figuring out what makes them who they are through their passions, skills, and talents. Through the Galaxy A71, these digital natives are able to create awesome content that will reveal their personalities and confidently share them with everyone.

However, there are still those who are in search of what they are passionate about. If you find yourself part of those who are still on the verge of discovering new things about yourself, here are some tips to help you discover your awesome:

⦁ Ask yourself: What piques your interest? Finding what you love sometimes starts with the things you’re curious about. Oftentimes, these could also be talents you’re born with or hobbies learned along the way. Starting from what you already know can help in how you want to reveal your true self to everyone.

⦁ Do your research. Whether this is something that you’ve been doing for years or a newly discovered talent, good research on what you’re passionate about can go a long way. Role models can be your inspiration in pursuing what you love to do. Listening to their experiences or simply chatting with them can guide you through this journey. Asking for opinions and advice from trusted companions can also help you discover what you’re truly capable of and learn more about the things you love.

⦁ Be confident. No matter what you’re passionate about, as long as you’re proud of what you do, nothing can stand in your way. Confidence is key in pursuing what you enjoy doing. Being proud of your passions can help in letting the world know as well. If you’re proud and confident in what you can do, then the people around you will believe in your capabilities and share it with everyone.

⦁ Never stop trying. Sometimes, exploring one’s passions can lead to failures. But don’t lose heart, learn from these, and move on. Failure is a part of the natural process and mistakes will help you grow as a person. Know that exploring different possibilities will soon lead you to a passion you’ll be proud to show to the world.

Finding one’s passion can be tricky and sometimes you need advice or inspiration from others out there. Look no further than the Samsung Members Community, a recently introduced feature of the Samsung Members app that allows users to make new friends, showcase their passions online, and inspire others to do the same. Through the app, today’s Gen Z can share with everyone what makes them awesome. As Liza says at the end, “once you discover what makes you awesome, the world will, too.”

Watch the video here.

To know more about the Galaxy A71, visit samsung.com/ph. To know more about Samsung Members Community, visit samsung.com/ph/apps/samsung-members/ or download the app via Google Play Store or the Galaxy App Store.

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