Control and manage all of your officeโ€™s printing, copying and scanning demands in one-single solution.

Meet the imageRUNNER 1024 from Canon. Built to offer small and medium-sized businesses with a compact yet reliable desktop device that provides high-speed printing, scanning, and copying capabilities, it also delivers lower running cost for every document outputโ€”the perfect fit for businesses looking for a powerful, versatile device without the hassle.

Canon iR1024

Small but reliable

The iR1024 is compact. But while itโ€™s built to fit any business with limited office space, it takes on big office tasks without letup. Its shared 128MB RAM, plus Canonโ€™s UFRII Lite printer language turns the iR1024 into a highly productive partner to cater for your high-turn-around office workflow. It can churn out 24 copies per minute with an astonishing first copy output time of 8 seconds or less. To cater for higher print volume needs, it comes with a standard paper capacity of up to 600 sheets, upgradable to take up to 1,100 sheets via an optional paper cassette.

Practically efficient

For maximum efficiency, the imageRUNNER 1024 is designed with a separate high-capacity toner cartridge and drum unit. The cartridge can print up to 7800 pages before it runs out of powdered ink while the drum can print up to 20,000 to 26,000 pages. This mechanism helps to offer high print volume at a lower cost per page; the drum unit needs only to be replaced after every 3 toner cartridge replacements. This makes it the appropriate choice for businesses with a monthly print volume of up to 7,800 pages.

Effortless connectivity

Network productivity is fast and easy with iR1024. The unit can be easily connected to a network with the Canon Network Card installed. The unit can be easily connected to a network with the Canon Network Card installed, so device can be shared within a workgroup. Employing Canonโ€™s proprietary Ultra-Fast Rendering (UFR II LT) Printing Technology, iR 1024 eliminates the need for memory upgrades by deploying job loading and balancing between the device and the computers connected to it to hasten job processing.

Easy on the user

iR1024 features an LCD display screen and a comprehensive operation panel design for ease of use. It also comes with shortcut buttons for fast and easy copying, image quality adjustment, resizing, auto sorting/collation, 2-on-1 printing, 2-sided printing, and the must-have numerical buttons. In addition, the iR1024 is equipped with Favorite Buttons that you can use to recall your most frequently used functions.

Environment friendly

Canonโ€™s innovative proprietary On-Demand Fixing technology enables an energy saving sleep mode to be automatically initiated when the device is not in use. Once needed, the device is fully operational again in less than 5 seconds – a great way to reduce energy consumption without affecting productivity. And with auto double-sided printing, copying, and scanning, you are saving paper usage by 50% or more automatically while contributing to the worldโ€™s effort to conserve the trees & the environment.

The new meaning of productivity

Canonโ€™s Scan-Once-Print-Many technology allows you to scan the originals once and print many copies easily, ensuring output quality and minimizing the risk of damaging the original. On the other hand, the Reserved Copy feature enables you to start scanning your documents anytime even while it is printing the previously loaded jobs. The Image Combination feature makes professional document reproduction easy and environmental responsibility effortless. iR1024 also comes with bundled iR-Toolbox scanning software that allows you to pull-scan your book or documents right at the convenience of your desktop. The list of possibilities with iR 1024 is endless. It also has a whole bunch of other features to make sure your tasks are not only simplified but also done smoothly.

Management with ease

The built-in Department ID Management feature makes way for improved basic device access. Register up to 1000 user IDs and manage office resources better by keeping track of print, scan and copy totals of each user, set page limits for scans, prints and copies by ID per usage, accept or reject print jobs from computers with unknown IDs, and set other restrictions to make sure nothing gets wasted and savings is maximized.

Get the perfect solution for your business today; get the iR 1024 at an SRP of PHP 39,995. Call MSI-ECS at 688-3180 or email now for product details and availability.


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