For many, it is such a threat that machines and computers are now able to clone processes once thought to be sole preserver of the human brain. One of the major reasons is losing job opportunities, but not realizing that it’s not about losing work for many, but it is making workload easier and more efficient making employees more effective. Having a great note on the Information Technology – Business Process Outsourcing (IT – BPM) Industry, it is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic sectors in the Philippines. Boasting steady growth and covering about 10% of global market share. The industry which has eight sub-sectors: contact centers, knowledge process outsourcing and back offices, software development, animation, game development, medical transcription and engineering design, where the bulk of employment is in contact centers. 


To find out exactly how cloud based recruitment system solutions can be the new “Galileo Galilei” of the Recruitment world, especially here in the Philippines, engageSPARK, shares us.


Recruit from all 7,000 islands

In the past, businesses have had to restrict their recruitment to only local areas because it’s too expensive to send recruiters to remote parts of the country. With engageSPARK’s solution, anyone interested in a job can simply send in a text to trigger an automated interview phone call to their phone – without leaving their home – 24×7.


Improve decision-making

Automating recruitment makes hiring and onboarding processes seamless, low-involvement events. There are far more essential things that employee in the company could get done – one activity here is spending more time on analyzing data, so that the hiring decisions that you make from here on in are even better. 


Gaining more value from employees

Instead of doing donkey work software solution could manage, it frees up time to let specialists specialize. engageSPARK estimates that 70% of all candidates are eliminated during the first interview; why not let an automated platform do that so that specialists can spend more time on the 30% of candidates that are qualified?


Financial conservation

It can assist in saving more tick of the clock, and therefore costings, leaving businesses open to instead to spend that cash on things that really matter.


Prioritizing Privacy and Security

Self-contained automated recruitment process is safer and more private. There’s less scope for human error – things like confidential documents being sent to the wrong person, paper documents getting lost or destroyed, or the people accessing information that they’re not supposed to be party to.


Long Term Corporate Benefits

Ultimately, an automated system is where a company is advised to look at in the long-term. HR multi-faceted and composite area of business that is vital in discovering and engaging talent, a main key of making the business grow. By leaving it on paper or a dissonant group of rag-tag software solutions, people, opportunities, time and money will slip through the cracks. “Talent is the key foundation for a company’s success.” Noted by Ravi Agarwal, CEO and Founder of engageSPARK.  engageSPARK’s applicantENGAGE will assist in enabling businesses to automate recruitment processes to find significantly better talent from a larger pool, faster, and at lower cost.” He concluded.

 Recruitment Automation will bring company benefits making the business leaner, smarter and more efficient. In a world that has fast paced economy we live in, Philippines included, where job opportunity ecosystem is on the rise, old-style manual recruitment is time-consuming, uses valuable intellectual resources on rise, tedious, routine tasks, and is open to privacy breaches. 


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