With one month down the line this 2018, have you started ticking off boxes from your new year’s resolution? Once the new year kicks in, people usually create new goals, embrace positive chance, and focus on becoming a better version of themselves – whether it means exploring new job opportunities, creating a habit of living a fit and healthy lifestyle, or learning something new. Filipinas, the new year can also mean breaking bad hair care habits and saying goodbye to dry, itchy and damaged hair with visible white flakes.

Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture and Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth
L-R: Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture and Supreme Smooth Variants.

To keep the ball rolling, it’s time for Filipinas to improve their hair care routine to keep the scalp flake and itch-free. Head and Shoulders, the world’s number one shampoo brand, asked three social media influencers their secret to maintaining lusciously soft and beautifully moisturized hair to come up with a brief guide to keeping a woman’s crowning glory healthy and dandruff-free this year. 

On Brushing the Hair

Brushing has been proven to benefit the hair. Model and filmmaker Janina Manipol can attest to that as she makes it a habit to comb her long, straight hair to redistribute the oil from her scalp. She explained, “I make it a point to comb it [hair] in the morning, afternoon and evening, so that the oil in my scalp evens out all throughout my hair.”

Head & Shoulders Supreme - Janina Manipol
Janina Manipol

Just like Janina, digital media influencer and vlogger Haley Dasovich shares the same secret in maintaining the lusciousness of her long locks from morning until night. “I keep my hair routine simple but I make sure I keep my curls stay bouncy and not tangled by combing my hair not just during the day but also before I sleep.” Haley said.

On Washing and Drying the Hair

For some, keeping the natural gloss of the hair may not be easy to do, but Haley has found a way to solve it. She shared, “I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner every 2 to 3 days. And on days when I use conditioner I make sure to evenly coat the body of my hair to its tip and leave it on for a few minutes for my hair to fully absorb.”

Head & Shoulders Supreme - Haley-Dasovich
Haley Dasovich

 When drying the hair, model and actress Chie Filomeno told us how she keeps her hair strands free from damage. “With shoots here and there, my hair is often exposed to heat from blowers and hair irons. But during my off duty days I really believe in air drying versus heated drying to keep my hair’s natural beauty and lush.” Chie said.      

On Investing in Quality Hair Care Products

No matter what your lifestyle is, may it be being a model and actress, a YouTube content creator or filmmaker, investing in quality hair care products is a non-negotiable to have beautifully moisturized locks and a flake-free scalp that can keep up with your daily routine. And Chie, Haley and Janina know this very well. Janina added, “Keeping my hair healthy and dandruff free 24/7 is difficult, but investing in good brushes and products like Head and Shoulders Suprême help ease that process. I hear Argan is all the rave in beauty nowadays and I’m glad that this product has just that.”

Head & Shoulders Supreme - Chie-Filomeno

This 2018, Filipinas need not to worry about their luscious locks. With the new Head and Shoulders Suprême, hair and scalp are nourished and deeply moisturized. It is the brands first ever premium line of shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for the needs of women.   

The new formula contains proven and effective Micro Zinc technology for greater cosmetic hair care benefits while caring for the scalp, and Argan Oil essence which is known for its moisturizing effect as well as hair repair and scalp benefits.  

Head and Shoulders Suprême range has two variants. The Head and Shoulders Suprême Moisture shampoo and conditioner which provides intense moisture to the hair from root to tip and Head and Shoulders Suprême Smooth shampoo and conditioner that smoothens hair from the scalp to achieve perfectly polished hair all day.

With the new Head and Shoulders Suprême and healthy hair care habits, Filipinas can finally say goodbye to dandruff and dry hair this 2018 because every woman’s crowning glory is guaranteed to be moisturized and lusciously soft.  

Head & Shoulders Suprême shampoo and conditioner is available at Php150 SRP per 170ml bottle in all major supermarkets, sari-sari stores, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide, as well as on ecommerce at http://www.lazada.com.ph/head-and-shoulders-official-store

For more information about Head & Shoulders, visit www.headandshoulders.ph, and follow Head & Shoulders on Facebook.

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