Rapoo Gaming Labs is set to launch premium-quality, value for money gaming peripherals this September: two optical gaming mice, two ultra-durable keyboards, and a decked-out headset.

Gaming Mice V16 (PHP 695) and V280 (PHP 1,320)


Both V16 and V280 optical gaming mice are sleek, streamlined, and are ergonomically designed for ambidextrous use, a feature that prevents strain on your hand and wrists during long hours of gameplay (or mouse-heavy work). Although both mice feature the Accurate Navigation Professional gaming optical engine (which allows for increased accuracy for navigating stops and turns), the V280 offers improved accuracy with its adjustable, real-time DPI button and an on-board memory that lets users save their settings (so they retain the same settings on any computer as long as they use their V280).

Gaming Keyboards V500Pro (PHP 2,495) and V700RGB ALLOY (PHP 3,395)

Rapoo-V500Pro mechanical gaming keyboard
Rapoo V500Pro gaming keyboard
Rapoo-V700RGB mechanical gaming keyboard
Rapoo V700RGB ALLOY gaming keyboard

Both the V500Pro and V700RGB ALLOY are durable and feature individually backlit keys with programmable RGB lighting options accessible via custom keys. Both keyboards feature a non-conflicting design that allows you press any number of keys at the same time, while ensuring that your input is registered and executed precisely and rapidly. This set up allows fast typing and accurate command input during games.

Gaming Headset VH200 (PHP 1,495)

The VH200 features a comfortable design, 16-million-colors breathing light, and guarantees crystal-clear audio and a completely immersive experience (whether you’re gaming or listening to music or watching videos). The VH200 is made of durable materials and is comfy to wear for long hours of gaming.

Rapoo-VH200 gaming headset
Rapoo VH200 gaming headset

About Rapoo Gaming Peripherals

For its innovation on product design, Rapoo has won multiple awards from the press and international bodies such as the Industry Forum and Design (IFD). The company worked with experts (in different fields) to drastically shorten the product development cycle, allowing Rapoo to meet the exacting needs of gamers. Rapoo gaming peripherals offer gamers value for money since the company can develop and produce nearly all components vital for the online gaming experience. 

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