Award-winning Japanese ramen house opens in Bonifacio Global City

Manila – Ramen Iroha—the award-winning ramen house from Japan—is now open at W. Global Center, Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

“We promise to serve our diners an exciting and authentic experience in Japanese cuisine,” said Archie Rodriguez, President and CEO of Global Restaurant Concepts, Inc., which owns and operates the brand in the Philippines.

He shared, “This is a fiercely competitive segment, but we are confident that Filipinos will grow to love what we have to offer—a proud tradition of authentic Japanese.”

Founded by Chef Kiyoshi Kurihara, Ramen Iroha originated from Toyama, Japan—which is known as the birthplace of the popular Toyoma Black Ramen.

Ramen Iroha_01

Kurihara’s signature ramen recipes have won the people’s choice award for three consecutive years at the Tokyo Ramen Show, one of the largest ramen festivals in the Land of the Rising Sun.

In 2011, Ramen Iroha’s Toyama Black Shoyu Ramen set a record in the festival by selling 14,585 bowls in five days and 4,252 bowls in a single day.

According to Rodriguez, “It is this level of excellence that Ramen Iroha aims to serve Filipino diners, who are avid fans of the cuisine.”

From black soy to miso, the restaurant offers a wide variety of savory ramen styles, as well as appetizers like Pork Nira Gyoza and Yakitori Chicken. Still, Ramen Iroha’s Toyoma Black Ramen is known as its signature dish in Japan.

Toyoma’s Black Ramen

Ramen Iroha’s Toyoma Black Ramen is a black soy ramen, which has a rich broth made from soy sauce and soybeans. Its distinct flavor is what made it one of Tokyo’s most popular dishes.

“Aside from the broth, our noodles are freshly made in-house,” described Rodriguez, adding that the restaurant’s specialty is Black Soy Ramen Line.

Aside from Toyoma Black Ramen, the restaurant also serves Tonkotsu Ramen, Hokkaido Miso Ramen, Spicy Miso, Sesame Tantan-men, and White Shrimp Ramen.

The Ramen Iroha Difference

While Ramen Iroha is a late entry into the Philippines’ bustling Japanese restaurant scene, its operators remain confident that its menu will win the hearts, minds, and stomachs of Filipino diners.

“As a Japanese brand, authenticity is the core of our product. This is reflected in our interiors, menus, and even in our history. So, if Filipinos want an authentic taste of Toyoma, they no longer have to fly to Japan—because it is right here,” concluded Rodriguez.

As of today, Ramen Iroha has 14 branches across Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States (US).

Apart from Ramen Iroha, Global Restaurant Concepts, Inc. also operates International House of Pancakes (IHOP), California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), P.F. Chang’s, and Morelli’s Gelato in the Philippines.