Worry-free travel happens only when you’re packed with must-haves. That way you avoid incurring extra costs later, not to mention you save time. Here are seven travel-abroad must-have items.

1. Camera/Cameraphones

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For most of us, traveling is not complete without our trusty camera. Whether for sentimentality, proof, or bragging rights, travel photos are essentially a huge part of our trip. Sights are meant to be captured and shared especially when your travels bring you to see breathtaking vistas in Netherlands.

2. Sunblock

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If we plan on spending our days outside for sightseeing, touring, and wandering wonderfully, we owe it to our skin to keep it guarded from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The use of sunscreen in tropical destinations is a must especially when you find yourself trekking the rocky formation of Machu Picchu in Peru.

3. Medicine kit

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Despite how meticulous our preparation for our trip is, one should always account for possible sickness, injuries or accidents with the proper medicines found in a kit. If you’re on a food trip along the streets of Old Delhi in India and you suddenly discover your body’s limit on spicy food, having a medicine kit on hand will might just save the day.

4. Jacket/Parka/Heavy-duty umbrella

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No matter the weather in our destination, planning for sudden changes in weather should be done by having a jacket/parka or an umbrella on hand. With weather patterns changing constantly like a girl on PMS, traveling loses its appeal when we’re suddenly freezing ourselves off from the cold or the rain in places like United Kingdom where weather patterns constantly change.

5. Multi-Plug Adapter

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So much of us have multiple devices that we carry around wherever we go, and there is a constant need to charge our phones, cameras, and tablets. But what happens when we don’t have the proper plugs to power our gadgets? If a future trip to places such as Brazil, whose plug sockets are mighty different from the Philippines, is in the works, a multi-plug adaptor will definitely be your savior.

6. Travel bag

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Besides your duffel bag and/or suitcase, one should always have an extra bag for traveling to carry wherever you go. Places like Damnoen Saduak floating market in Thailand where souvenirs are abundant; having one place to put all your purchases such as keepsakes or pasalubongs conveniently lessens the hassle of bringing so many shopping bags, and secures them all in one place to avoid losing them during your journey.

7. Travel Insurance

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A lot of us think that ticking that extra box when we book our flights to get travel insurance is “extra baggage” to our wallet. This shouldn’t be the case. With travel insurance, we get the protection we need as a traveler to cover medical expenses, trip cancellations, and other losses incurred while traveling. But good news to all Globe postpaid customers! When you avail of the latest P599 flat rate for data roaming services, you automatically get free TravelCare with up to P200,000 worth of protection from travel inconveniences such as flight delays, lost baggage, and more.

Globe Telecom is the first telco in the Philippines to provide free travel insurance with its data roaming offer, giving its customers a complete and worry-free travel experience abroad. Loss of luggage and/or travel documents, delayed or cancelled flights, damage to baggage, medical emergencies and even accidental death, TravelCare has got you covered!

With the telco’s expanded coverage of its P599/day data roaming offer to over 70 countries around the globe, data roaming has become more accessible and available, connecting travelers to the World Wide Web anytime, anywhere. Simply turn on your data roaming, and you will be automatically latched on to a Globe partner carrier in your current destination to enjoy data roaming in a quick click or tap, with an added value of free TravelCare insurance.

Avoiding bill shock due to excessive data charges is now possible with P599/day flat rate. Customers can also surf for a full 24-hour cycle without the need to register or memorize promo codes, making the experience easy and hassle-free.

“Worry-free data roaming is now a must-have for travelers, who need easy access to their e-mails, maps, hotels, airline reservations, and their social media accounts any time of day. Recognizing this as a travel essential, Globe Telecom is expanding its P599/day flat rate for all-you-want mobile surfing to more than 70 countries in our worldwidest roaming network. In addition, this comes with free TravelCare insurance, giving our customers more value for their money,” said Coco Domingo, Vice President for Platinum Business and Roaming.

Ensure worry-free traveling on your next trip abroad with P599/day flat rate for data roaming from Globe as part of your travel essentials. Learn more about Globe Telecom’s data roaming offer, its partner countries and the full TravelCare insurance coverage by visiting www.globe.com/roaming or call the Globe Roaming Hotline at +6327301212 (toll-free even while abroad).