Five fun Philippine facts – we spend more time in traffic than before, there’s a jump in the number of people who both have smartphones and data plans, we don’t always have good Internet connection, we love watching videos on our phones, tablets, TVs, and computers; and we are often discouraged from accessing pirated content. Here’s something that cuts through all that: Netflix. And here’s what you need to know about it. 

Netflix programs


Entertainment Anytime

Netflix is an internet subscription service that lets members enjoy TV shows and movies, including original series and feature films, on any internet-connected device (Smart TVs; iOS, Android, Windows tablets and smartphones; PC and Mac; home theater systems and game consoles). Members can watch anytime for as long as they want wherever they are, as long as they have internet connection. There’s no pressure to finish everything in one sitting – pause it, clean the house, resume the show, pause to go home and watch it there on another device. There are no commercials and you watch where and when and as long as you please.

Netflix evolved from being a DVD-by-mail service to a streaming service in 2007.  Their over 81 million members in 190 countries streams 125 million hours everyday, choosing from a wide selection of TV shows, movies, documentaries, feature films and Netflix original series.


Adaptive Streaming

The quality of Netflix videos is device-dependent. Given that Netflix originals are shot in 4k resolution, Netflix technology delivers a 4k video when streaming on a 4k Smart TV. Subsequently, when a member streams a video on a mobile phone, a lower resolution video is served.

As Netflix expanded to different countries, the inequality of broadband speed per country became obvious. This week, Netflix will start implementing Adaptive Streaming, which will allow members with slower internet connectivity to enjoy the service. Adaptive Streaming kicks in when a member has slow internet connection and Netflix will automatically serve videos at a lower bit rate, regardless of the device type.

Netflix Devices

Catalog by country

Netflix originals are available globally. Depending on the licensing contracts and what the members are looking for, some shows and movies are not available to some countries.


Customer Centric  

Netflix listens to their members and wants to keep them happy. Towards that, they offer:

  • No ads. Netflix is purely subscription based.
  • 1 account, 5 different profiles. Members can share their accounts with family and depending on the plan subscription can have up to 4 simultaneous screens.
  • Kid friendly. Netflix has a dedicated kids section that has a different layout with a limited, kid-friendly selection of videos, allowing kids to freely explore in a safe environment.
  • Great recommendations. The more a member uses Netflix, the better recommendations its algorithm can give. This allows members to be introduced to shows that they will enjoy but might have missed otherwise.

Netflix Plans

Netflix Plans

Netflix offers three subscription types:

  • 1 Screen on Standard Definition for P370/ month
  • 2 Screens simultaneously on HD for P460/month
  • 4 Screens simultaneously on HD + Ultra HD 4k for P550/ month


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