Intel Corporation just launched its newest form factors to reinvent desktop computing, the Intel® Next Unit of Computing (NUC) kit with Intel® Core™ i5 processor (D54250WYKH) and Intel® NUC kit with Intel® Core™ i3 processor (D34010WYK).

The Intel® NUC kit is a fully scalable unit of computing that boasts usage flexibility, fast connectivity, and amazing processing power in a small footprint, making it a space-saving and practical alternative to a tower PC.

Intel Next Unit Computing

“We at Intel are inspired to innovate on what matters to our customers. We continue to see the demand for minimized clutter and amazing performance in desktop devices. This is especially true in homes, the growing small-to-medium (SME) sector, and schools in the Philippines so we are bringing the new Intel® NUCs to help drive productivity locally,” said Intel Philippines Country Manager Calum Chisholm.

In an initiative to help transform local classrooms into interactive learning environments, Intel® NUC kits were deployed to a rural public school in Marilog, Davao City, Philippines in 2013. The devices are being used by teachers and school children of the Marilog Central Elementary School (MCES) to help transform local classrooms to interactive learning environments.

NUC Highlights:

Without compromising performance, scalability, usage flexibility and connectivity, the space-saving Intel® NUC is a practical alternative for the tower PC. The Intel® NUC is a viable solution for small businesses, schools, and individual users that packs performance and great value.

In a stunningly small 4” x 4” x 2” frame – no bigger than a typical external hard drive – the Intel® NUC D54250WYKH and D34010WYK kits feature impressive hardware that includes a Mini HDMI and Mini Display Port video interfaces, headphone/microphone jack, infrared sensor, and four USB 3.0 ports to drive the most basic user needs.

The Intel® NUC comes with a slew of Intel’s most advanced technologies including the Intel® Smart Connect Technology1 for fast, simple data update and management; and Intel® HD Graphics that delivers smart graphics for enhanced visual experience.

Intel Next Unit Computing

What sets the new Intel® NUCs (powered by 4th Generation Intel® Core processors) apart from their predecessors is the native support for 2.5-inch storage devices. This enables the device to serve as a cost-effective portable storage for home and work environments.

The Intel® NUC kit can be used to power a variety of consumer, commercial, and general uses including digital billboards, digital jukeboxes, video surveillance, retail kiosks, home theater systems, and casual and mainstream gaming.

Pricing and availability

The Intel® NUC with Intel® Core™ i5 processor capable of supporting 2.5″ drive (D54250WYKH) and third party 2GB RAM & 320GB HDD and the Intel® NUC with Intel® Core™ i3 processor capable of supporting 2.5” drive (D34010WYK) and third party 2GB RAM & 320GB HDD will retail for PHP 24,000.00 (ERP) and PHP 19,800.00 (ERP), respectively, in select stores nationwide.

Intel® will also offer the latest NUC SKU in the second quarter of 2014, the Intel® Celeron (DN2820FYKH), which is capable of supporting a 2.5″ drive and comes with built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. With third party 2GB RAM and 320GB HDD, the Intel® Celeron (DN2820FYKH) is competitively priced at PHP 10,199.00 (ERP).

Details here.

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