Instant, Secure, and Convenient – Reasons Why Customers and Companies Will Like the Sodexo Mobile Pass


Meet the Sodexo Gift Certificate (GC) you can receive on and use with your mobile phone – the Sodexo Mobile Pass. Traditional GCs, while we all love them, can get misplaced, and sometimes you have to wait for them to be delivered. With the Sodexo Mobile Pass, you only need a phone that can receive SMS (there’s no app to download and install and feature phones will work, too) and you can be sent the Mobile Pass anywhere in the Philippines. This digital GC takes the form of a series of numeric codes you can redeem at accessible establishments nationwide. And it’s not just good for customers. Companies planning to gift their employees, partners, and clients will also enjoy the fast, secure, and hassle-free distribution of rewards the Sodexo Mobile Pass platform offers.

All you need is your phone and the Sodexo Mobile Pass SMS message which contains the numeric code and you can dine at establishments that accept Mobile Pass.

My wife and I tried it and everything was easy: I got the Sodexo Mobile Pass on both SMS and Email, I showed the numeric codes (which are equivalent to designated Mobile Pass value when redeemed) on my phone to the cashier at Kenny Rogers and at ShopWise to pay for our purchases, and that’s it. Good as the traditional Sodexo GC.

A cashier at Kenny Rogers handling our order paid for with Sodexo Mobile Pass.

We think customers will love the Sodexo Mobile Pass because it’s

Instant – When I was informed by the company who was to send us our Mobile Pass, that I’d get it around lunch, I got it as promised. Compare that to waiting for a messenger to deliver a traditional GC, or getting in touch with someone, who is the POC for employee rewards, and setting up a meet or aligning schedules. This being “instant” goes both ways, by the way, as it’s just as easy to distribute the Mobile Pass rewards (which are essentially digital gift certificates) for the company who availed of them.

Secure – You’re more likely to lose your bag than you would your cellular phone, given how many times you check it everyday. And unlike traditional physical GCs that, when found by someone else, can be used, the Sodexo Mobile Pass recepient’s phone has to be first unlocked and its SMS app and email app combed through to find the Mobile Pass numeric codes. Even if you lose your phone, it’s unlikely the codes will be used. And if you received your Mobile Pass via email, you can retrieve it using another device. If your phone is stolen or if you accidentally delete your Mobile Pass, you can call Sodexo at (02) 689-4789 to report it. Compare that to the traditional GC that, when lost or stolen, is practically gone for good.

Cashiers at ShopWise take care of our transaction paid for with Sodexo Mobile Pass.

Convenient – You can enjoy the Sodexo Mobile Pass as long as you have your phone, anytime, at establishments that accept them. There’s no “I have to remind myself to bring the GCs because we’re shopping tomorrow.” Just bring your phone. Also, you don’t need to download and install an app (and then register) to enjoy the Sodexo Mobile Pass. While it can be received as an email PDF attachment, which you’ll need Internet connection to access, you can always download the PDF when you’re online and then access it later when you’re offline, to redeem at establishments. The convenience of digital gift certificates is just too hard to ignore.

To find out if an establishment accepts Sodexo Mobile Pass, look for the Sodexo Mobile Pass acceptance signage at the establishment. Or you may call them at (02) 689-4789. Also, the complete list of merchants accepting the Sodexo Mobile Pass is here.

Here are some of the merchants that accept Sodexo Mobile Pass. This list is growing.

Like we said, the benefits of the Mobile Pass work both ways – for customers who receive them and for companies who avail of them.

We think companies will like the Sodexo Mobile Pass because it’s

Instant – Companies can distribute rewards straight to the mobile phones of intended recipients instantly – to employees to motivate them, to partners and clients as tokens or gifts – and thereby save time and effort on gift-shopping (and stocking up), distributing them, and even contacting suppliers for special occasions. Essentially, you can send out eGifts (rewards) without leaving the office.

Secure and Customizable – You can choose how much to give out per reward (customizable denominations are available) and rewards can be sent to recipients either as SMS or Email with a single click. Since the Mobile Pass relies on an online platform, multiple campaigns can be be managed easily and these can be tracked (whether recipients received the rewards or not) via the status and reports page available in the system.

Convenient – How the Mobile Pass Works: (1) You can distribute rewards without leaving the office. (2) Recipients instantly receive rewards on their mobile phones or email. (3) Recipients can redeem the Mobile Pass rewards at merchants that accept them.

Here’s the quick 1-2-3 on just how convenient the Sodexo Mobile Pass is for companies who want to reward their employees, clients, and partners.

Just a head’s up for customers who receive Sodexo Mobile Pass. If you receive multiple numeric codes (varying denominations can be sent per SMS), you have to manually track which codes you used up and which are un-redeemed. You won’t get an SMS regarding which codes have been redeemed. Now, while deleting used up Mobile Pass codes (text messages and downloaded PDFs) can address this, you might accidentally delete the wrong code. Don’t delete. The slight inconvenience of a cashier’s manually punching in and checking which codes have been redeemed is more acceptable than deleting Mobile Pass codes.

The Sodexo Mobile Pass numeric code in PDF, which is how one receives it via email.

Contact Sodexo for Your Company’s Hassle-Free Rewards Now

The Sodexo Mobile Pass is a product of Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines, Inc. For inquiries, please contact the Manila Head Office at (02) 689-4780 or Cebu Office at (032) 238-3494, or visit their website and official Facebook Page. The Mobile Pass is hassle-free eGifting.

If you’re a Kabayan outside the Philippines, where can you buy Sodexo and SM Gift Certificates? 

Sodexo and SM teamed up to create GC Regalo, an online platform that allows Filipinos, especially those working and living outside the Philippines, to buy and send gift certificates online for their families, friends, relatives and loved ones.

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