On June 18, celebrate and raise a toast to the man you look up to with a special bottle of Johnnie Walker.

Father’s Day is all about giving back and raising a toast to the man behind many of life’s successes. With the wide array of father figures and male role models, the gifting options are endless.

Countless gift guides will tell you that liquor makes an ideal present this time of the year, but just as no two fathers are the same, no two people enjoy their Scotch in the same way—which can make giving the perfect blend difficult.

With a wide range of blends that suit varied palates and personalities, Johnnie Walker is the ideal present for Father’s Day. Whether luxurious and creamy or spicy and smoky, Johnnie Walker has a blend to fit every Scotch whisky lover’s taste.

The blending of Scotch whisky is both an art and a science. Made with exceptional skill and quality, Johnnie Walker has been a favored gift to give for generations, as it is a fitting tribute to the man who has showered his family with the best and who deserves to be honored with nothing less.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Philippine Crafts: Our Cities Limited Edition Bottles


The pinnacle of gift giving, JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL is a statement whisky with its bold, multi-layered palate. Its silky delivery is sure to bring great delight to dad. Blended to recreate the character and taste of some of the earliest whisky blends created in the 19th century, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is made from some of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional Scotch Whiskies. Only one in every ten thousand casks has the elusive quality, character, and flavor to deliver the remarkable signature taste of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Gifting a bottle of the Rare Blend speaks volumes of your opinion of dad, and the limited edition designs on the bottles make them truly memorable. Available in three designs, each bottle is embossed with golden symbols of the Philippines’ centers of progress: Manila, Cebu, and Davao, making each one an unrivaled masterpiece, demonstrating the ultimate commitment to flavor and craftsmanship.




Johnnie Walker Red Label

For the dads who enjoy a little spice and fun when it comes to their Scotch, there is JOHNNIE WALKER RED LABEL—the Pioneer Blend that introduced Johnnie Walker to the world. With a powerful combination of spicy smoky malts and lingering lighter grains, the genuine and bold taste of Red Label is wonderful on its own, but also adds character to a variety of cocktails.

Johnnie Walker Black Label

JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK LABEL, also known as the Iconic Blend, is recognized as the benchmark for all other deluxe blends. Rich, complex, and incredibly well balanced, it’s made with a blend of 40 whiskies, each aged for at least 12 years. With its bold flavor, and classic smokiness, there’s nothing quite like sharing a bottle of Black Label with a father who enjoys quiet quality time at home.

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

Known for its unprecedented intensity, the Intense Blend, JOHNNIE WALKER DOUBLE BLACK LABEL, is an exquisite blend perfect for the fathers who embrace new and exciting experiences. Inspired by powerful and peaty West Coast and Islay Single Malts, it is darker and smokier, and produced in small batches. Double Black Label is an exquisite blend best enjoyed with water to unlock its complex layers of smoldering spice and smoke.

Johnnie Walker Green Label

For dads who are always looking for something out of the ordinary, there is Johnnie Walker Green Label. In line with the tradition of the brand’s blending excellence, the blend is crafted from a palette of Speyside, Highland, Lowland, and Island malts and matured for at least 15 years. It delivers all the character of a single malt whisky, but with a greater depth of flavor. A unique blend to savor while you sit-back and unwind, Green Label is best enjoyed neat with a glass of iced water on the side.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

For fathers who enjoy sweet and indulgent celebrations on Father’s Day, there is JOHNNIE WALKER GOLD LABEL RESERVE, also known as the Celebration Blend. Known for its creamy smoothness, it opens with a luxurious burst of delicate nectar and gentle smokiness that develops into sweet fruits and deeper, velvety, honeyed tones before giving way to sublime, lingering whispers of smoke and oakiness in the finish.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label was inspired by the tradition of giving private blends to a close circle of family and friends by John Walker & Sons, which makes it a fitting choice for a special Father’s Day present. Blended from Scotch Whiskies that have matured for at least 18 years, it combines sophisticated and contemporary tastes with classic Johnnie Walker flavors for the dad who looks for nothing but the best in his Scotch.

The Johnnie Walker blend and limited edition bottles are available in leading supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit the Johnnie Walker Philippines Facebook page at http://bit.ly/JW-fathersday.

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