It is already a fact that we need water every day to keep our bodies healthy, functioning well and strong enough to withstand sickness. Yet we still go for drinks that quench our thirst and at the same time are flavorful and enjoyable to drink – juices and carbonated drinks are the usual suspects. They do taste good and give us some added nutrients; however, it is probable that some of them have chemicals that will not be as healthy as some minerals that are needed by the body.

Fortunately, Pocari Sweat, a health hydration drink by Otsuka Philippines Pharmaceutical Inc., brings hydration to a healthier but enjoyable level. Pocari Sweat is highly recommended to those who are in need of immediate hydration, most especially those who have an active lifestyle and those who suffer from dehydration because of illness.

Pocari Sweat has a refreshing mild taste, even best when it’s cold, you won’t need another beverage to wash off a strong taste and flavor from your usual drink. Yet, children as young as one year old can safely drink it. It does not have artificial coloring, no preservatives, no caffeine, and no artificial sweetener, which then makes it safe for anyone who needs immediate hydration.

pocari sweat


Especially now during these months when “ber-month” celebrations are close at hand, numerous parties will be held with family, friends, and co-workers from before the Christmas season until the New Year. Alcohol will definitely flow and other fun activities will get you into that party mood that lasts up until the sun rises.

Those who love to go on a night out after work can get over hangover easily just by drinking Pocari Sweat before they turn in after their night cap. There is no fun in having those head-cracking hangovers. When we drink alcoholic drinks like beer and cocktail, we get dehydrated easily because we tend to do a lot of restroom breaks.

Alcohol also drains the electrolytes that our bodies need to function that is why when we get drunk, we sometimes can’t get a hold of ourselves. Coffee and some warm soup may give us some relief for a time, but still, the best way to battle hangover is to replenish our body with enough electrolytes – something that a bottle of Pocari Sweat can give.

Pocari Sweat comes in 330ml can (Php 24.00), 350ml PET bottle (Php 24.00), 500ml PET bottle (Php 35.00), 2L PET bottle (Php 125.00). Pocari Sweat is available in major chain drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores.