Google Philippines is looking for 50 teenagers ages 14 to 21 who will be trained as Web Rangers, online heroes helping their peers against cyber bullies. Interested teens can sign up on The 50 selected individuals will attend a whole day workshop on July 18 to learn how to apply their creativity and social influence to form meaningful campaigns—such as educational videos, marketing plans, or songs, among other creative possibilities—that will promote responsible internet use.
Google Web Rangers
The Web Rangers will be given three weeks to come up with a fully implementable campaign, which will be judged by a panel composed of Google, creative agencies and experts in the advertising/marketing industries. The creators of the most impactful campaign will get a chance to visit a Google office in Asia to present their campaign to Google executives. Awarding will be on August 20.“Cyberspace is a great platform for learning, sharing and collaborating—opportunities that come with many risks. The amount of hours teens spend online can make them especially vulnerable, but it also gives them an advantage to make a difference. We want to equip them for that through Web Rangers,” said Gail Tan, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs.

As part of the Web rangers program, Google Philippines created five roles that teens can identify with: The Transmitter, who is a sharer of good vibes; The Guardian,a vigilante of cyber order; The Frontliner, whose posts make a stand for the cyber-oppressed; The Uplifter, a source of positivity for the depressed; and The Creator, whose creative content entertain, empower and inspire. The chosen teenagers will represent these five characters as they become positive and inspiring force against mean messages, threats, rumors and other forms of cyberbullying.

Application to be a Web Ranger in the Philippines is open until July 10, 2015. Visit for more information.


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