When summer vacation ends, the rush to find the best deals on school supplies begins. It’s a busy time, but it doesn’t have to be stressful, because National Bookstore offers convenience, budget-friendly options, and a large selection that awaits every teen, tween, college student and adult learner (even teachers) at each of NBS’s 222 branches nationwide. You can even have back-to-school supplies delivered via nationalbookstore.com.

Host Daphne Oseña-Paez.

Convenience: Shop in-store, Online, or Call NBS

Grab & Go Packs means no need to visit individual isles to buy separate items. You can just pick one up (choose from a variety of packages) and walk straight to the counter. Saves you time in item-hunting-per-isle. But should you need to look for specific items, everything in-store is easier to find. The store layout has been improved, tables and shelves are clearly marked, and all items are carefully arranged.

No time to visit an NBS branch? Call their delivery hotline (8888-627), give the list of supplies you need, and have them shipped to you. If you’re not sure of what items you need, an NBS customer service specialist can recommend supplies for every grade level.

You can also shop online at www.nationalbookstore.com, where there’s a dedicated back-to-school section. Choose what you need, check out, have them delivered to your home. Orders worth P1,000 or above get free shipping.

Budget-Friendly Options

Go for Low Price Deal if you’re looking for items at P20, P50, or P100 each. You can even get 12 notebooks for the price of 10 – Budget Bundles lets you get the most out of every peso. Best Buy is your option for affordable and quality school supplies. For every P500 purchase, you can get a backpack for P100. For every P1,000 purchase, you get a free tote bag.

Superb Selection: What Students Need and Want

School supplies aren’t limited to what students need to make the grade, and that’s why NBS also offers lunch boxes, mosquito patches, personal care products, and even emergency, survival, and first aid kits. Beyond that, NBS is home to exclusive brands such as Caran d’Ache School Line (their colored pends and pencils are a must-have for budding artists), Blackwing Pencils (the best of basic pencils and a long-time favorite), Online (a German brand of pens for those who want to stand out in class), and Kate Spade (whose stylish stationery can complement the lifestyle of college fashionistas).

National Bookstore has everything you and your family needs for the back-to-school season. Follow them on social media: @nbsalert on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube; and visit the NBS blog: blog.nationalbookstore.com.

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