Three highlights marked Ely Buendia’s appearance at Sony Center Alabang: first, his three-song performance, second, his love for the deep audio quality of Sony headsets, and third, Sony’s unveiling, as part of their Music Deservers Respect campaign, of Sony High Resolution Audio Series headsets.

Ely Buendia, Sony, MDR

“Through High Resolution Audio, you can experience the rich atmosphere and immersive sounds that the artist and his team create,” said CD Deacosta, Marketing Officer, Personal Audio, Sony Philippines.

  • Sony Ely Buendia MDR
  • Sony Ely Buendia MDR
  • Ely Buendia Sony MDR Ely performs three songs to the delight of the crowd in the very tightly packed Sony Center in Alabang.
  • Ely Buendia Sony Center Alabang Cramped space? No problem.

“Listening to music at its purest form can really be engaging and this is exactly what we want you to experience with us,” said Ely Buendia. Here’s a clip of his interview at the Sony Center Alabang event.

Video – Interview with Ely Buendia


And here is what you’ve been waiting for: Ely Buendia’s first song performed at the Sony Center in Alabang.

Video – Ely Buendia’s First of Three Songs Performed

Sony amabassadors Ely Buendia and Bamboo are set to perform at MDR live, which may be the first ever silent concert in the country – no public music, just a pure audio experience delivered to your ears, through Sony headsets.

Here’s the invite video:

Visit Sony for more details on the Music Deserves Respect campaign as well about the silent concert.

Ely Buendia Sony Alabang MDR

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