Online real estate marketplace ZipMatch now offers 360 Virtual Reality service for Philippine real estate. The service allows for an immersive 360 degree VR tour of residential properties via VR goggles attached to a smartphone installed with the ZipMatch Pro app. If you’re a homebuyer, looking “around” the property via the VR goggles gives you a sense of spatial estimation and feel, something lacking when viewing flat pictures on websites. This service gives real estate professionals, developers, and home sellers the ability to offer on-demand property viewing of residential projects or model units.

ZipMatch 360, John Dang

Property Viewing: the Current Scene

The usual mid-step to buying a home is a physical site visit. If the property is of the pre-selling type or is not yet built, sellers resort to model units or scale models (which costs thousands to millions of pesos) and even throw in architect floor plans to help clients imagine their next home.

ZipMatch 360, John Dang, Bam Amor

Bam Amor takes the ZipMatch 360 VR goggles to check out some property.ย 

This is where ZipMatch’s 360 Virtual Reality service comes in. It’s designed for brokers and sales agents so they can impress clients at sales events, exhibits or trade shows, and provide an as-though-you’re-there experiential tour of 300+ properties in Metro Manila, NCR, Metro Cebu and Bacolod.

Download the ZipMatch Pro app

The ZipMatch 360 VR service will be available as a subscription feature under ZipMatch Pro, a full-service toolbox for brokers, sales agents, developers, and real estate sellers. The ZipMatch Pro app is free to download for Android users. The iOS version is in the works.

ZipMatch 360, John Dang

Clear benefits for real estate pros and their clients

Having a ZipMatch Pro-installed phone and VR goggles at the ready means (1) a chance at an engaged conversation with the potential buyer, (2) an interactive walkthrough of the property, and (3) the ability to bring the experience of the property ANYWHERE (malls, coffee shops, trade shows, anywhere).

ZipMatch 360, John Dang, Chow Paredes

ZipMatch Pro VR Plus subscription benefits:

Subscribers will have access to offline tours. No Internet connection? You can save Virtual Tours to your phone. Also, VR Mode lets subscribers use their ZipMatch VR goggles, google cardboard, samsung gear, or other VR devices.

ZipMatch 360, John Dang, Chow Paredes

ZipMatch Co-Founder and VP for Sales and Business Development Chow Paredes walks media audiences through the features of the ZipMatch 360 VR service.ย 

First Movers

ZipMatch will be the FIRST company in Southeast Asia to use virtual reality for real estate in the region. Alongside ZipMatch’s 360 Virtual Reality service first movers Ayala Land Premier, Amaia Land, Anchor Land, and Crown Asia, among many others, this latest innovation makes the Philippines the FIRST in Southeast Asia to have a resource or database of 360 Virtual Reality moving images of primary and secondary real estate projects.

ZipMatch 360, John Dang

ZipMatch CEO John Dang with one of the ZipMatch VR goggles.ย 

The ZipMatch 360 VR service is a plus for both real estate brokers who can offer anyone an “on the spot” tour, and for property hunters who’d like to get a better “feel” of the property they’re eyeing to buy.


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