Airborne Tech-168 16800 mAh Power Bank Review – Slim, Reliable, and Charges Androids and iPhones

Here’s a power bank with a massive capacity in a long but thin and easy to hold body. The Airbone Tech-168 16,800 mAh capacity power bank has dual ports for simultaneous dual 1A and 2.1A charging, a comes-with pouch, and a cable that’s compatible with both Androids and iPhones.

Out of the box – multi-tip charging cable, the Airborne Tech-168 power bank, and free pouch.

The Good

Easy to hold because of the ergonomic design. Textured surface make for good grip. The long profile makes it easy to grab and stow in your bag, and pull out. The comes-with pouch lets you keep both power bank and charging cable in one place all the time.

The comes-with charging cable is genius – it lets you charge Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPod), Android devices, digital cameras, tablet PC, Mp3/mp4 players, and other digital products. Of course, dual charging is possible, but you need another charging cable. Get the Airborne Tech-168 from Lazada.

The Airborne Tech-168 is only a tad longer than the Ekopak 13000 mAh, so you get 3,800 mAh more for a just a bith of added length.

The multi-tip charging cable lights up whenever it’s plugged into the charger. Phone above is the Honor 6 Plus.

16,800 mAh is a lot of power in a single power bank. This is the power bank you’d want to bring with you on vacation. It’s enough for your hungry phablets and tablets. You’ll definitely be bringing few power banks to your out of town trips.


The Maybe Bad

There’s no charge indicator button. To check the power bank’s charge level, you need to plug in the charging cable. The 4 LED lights activate and tell you how much juice is left.

The Airborne Tech-168 is about twice the price of the Ekopak 13000 mAh, which only slight longer than the Airborne but has 3,800 mAh less capacity. Right now, the the Airborne Tech-168 sells for P3,590 at Lazada.

Left to right: Airborne Tech-168, Ekopack 1300 mAh, ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh, Mi 10400 mAh, Yoobao 10400 mAh.

As with most power bank around this capacity, it takes about two full work shifts to charge – 14-16 hours.



The P3,590 price is really the hurdle here, as there are other power banks of nearly similar capacity that’s cheaper. But the allure of the Airborne Tech-168 is both the large capacity and the slim profile. That’s a lot power in a thin but long body. So if you’re looking for a single bring-to-vacation power bank that solves your phone problems, this is it.

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