Company’s New Subscription Management App Simplifies Customer Billing, Analytics; Integrates with SMEs’ Back Office Backbone, Zoho Books 

PLEASANTON, Calif. — October 22, 2014 — Zoho today announced the launch of Zoho Subscriptions, its online subscription management software for businesses that rely on recurring revenues. In an industry first for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), the new product bridges the gap between the subscription economy’s recurring revenue focus and traditional accounting requirements. Zoho Subscriptions lets users manage the entire subscriber lifecycle and run subscription-specific analytics while providing data-level integration with Zoho’s online accounting software, Zoho Books. Users can try a free Zoho Subscriptions test account at

While the subscription economy brings businesses the stability of recurring revenues, it introduces a new set of key performance indicators and performance metrics not found in traditional accounting applications. Meanwhile, subscription-based businesses still need to account for their financial activity, but those accounting functions simply are not addressed by subscription management solutions. As a result, these businesses have incomplete, delayed views of their business because strategic and tactical data is spread across multiple systems.

“You can’t guide a subscription-based business without a recurring revenue perspective,” said Raj Sabhlok, president, Zoho Corporation. “But you can’t ignore the demands of traditional accounting, either. We’ve been managing a subscription business at Zoho since 2005 and now handle more than 10 million users, so we know a thing or two about subscription management. Zoho Subscriptions leverages that experience, and it weaves subscription data into the Zoho Books accounting application. We’re integrated at the data level. And we’re the only company that can do that today.”


Zoho Subscriptions Highlights

Key Metrics on Business Performance – Zoho Subscriptions provides the forward-looking, revenue metrics users need to get the real picture of their subscription-based business performance. Monthly recurring revenue (MRR), average revenue per user (ARPU), life time value (LTV), churn rate, activation count and other key metrics are displayed on the Zoho Subscriptions dashboard.

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Accounting and the Subscription Economy – As a result of its integration with Zoho Books, the new Zoho solution also delivers accurate information on cash flow, profit incurred and tax liabilities.

Simplified Customer Subscriptions – Zoho Subscriptions helps businesses lower the barriers for their customers to try their products or services by introducing multiple plans, add-ons, discounts and trials. Simple hosted pages with online payment options provide an excellent checkout experience for online subscribers. Zoho Subscriptions’ robust RESTful APIs are available for more complex needs.

Streamlined Subscription Management – Zoho Subscriptions manages multiple subscriptions, cancellations and renewals, and it even automates the dunning management for payment collection. It’s sophisticated enough to handle multiple currencies, one-time transactions and both offline and online payments.

Zoho Books has become the backbone of the back office, lying at the heart of Zoho finance solutions adopted by many SMEs. Complementary applications such as Zoho Invoice and now, Zoho Subscriptions leverage the Zoho Books database to provide a seamless experience that ensures data integrity, eliminates duplicate data entry and provides an integrated view of the business.


Pricing and Availability

Zoho Subscriptions is available immediately for businesses. For a limited time, Zoho Subscriptions is available at the launch price of $49 per month for unlimited transactions. Users who sign up during the limited-time offer will enjoy launch pricing for their first six months of service. The regular pricing plan for Zoho Subscriptions is $49 per month for 50 card transactions and $5 for every additional 50 card transactions. All Zoho Subscriptions users get unlimited access to Zoho Books, at no additional cost, to help them manage their finances on the cloud. Users can create a test account for free at and explore the features of Zoho Subscriptions.

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