Zoho Corporation, a global company that offers the most comprehensive suite of business software applications in the industry, is today unveiling Bigin, a new pipeline-centric CRM software designed specifically for small and micro business owners.

Zoho Bigin was architectured to help SMBs within the region accelerate their adoption of digital tools, that directly improves customer engagement. Previously, SMBs were held back by high investment cost and lack of digital skills at workplaces, where these barriers have affected the perceived value for going digital. With that in mind, SMBs can now quickly set up a go-to portal for customer information even without prior experience in a CRM solution.

Zoho Announces Bigin: New Pipeline-Centric CRM Solution Built and Priced Specifically to Help Small Businesses

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities and with business owners struggling more than ever right now, our goal is to bring world-class customer relationship management technology to every sized business at an extremely affordable price,” said Gibu Mathew, Vice President, and GM, Asia Pacific Zoho Corp. “We created Bigin to help small businesses get work done with a minimal learning curve. Using the product, small businesses are able to stop relying on mobile phone call records and spreadsheets to manage customer activities and instead move to a CRM that is easy to use and allows them to focus on growing and building strong customer relationships.”

Bigin is a pipeline-centric CRM solution focused on small businesses who do not need an elaborate, end-to-end CRM. If businesses outgrow Bigin, they can upgrade to Zoho CRM with ease. As its name suggest, Bigin is where SMBs begin their first step on that digital journey towards customer excellence.

Zoho Announces Bigin: New Pipeline-Centric CRM Solution Built and Priced Specifically to Help Small Businesses

Bigin Highlights:

30-minute setup: Bigin allows users to get up and running within 30 minutes through effortless on-boarding.

Multiple pipelines for customer operations: With the option to create multiple pipelines with fully customizable stages, Bigin empowers small businesses to run their distinct customer operations inside their CRM. 

Workflow AutomationBigin helps sales reps drastically cut down the time spent on repetitive manual tasks with easy-to-create automated workflows. 

Real-time notifications and analytics: Real-time notifications from prospects are delivered inside the CRM. Additionally, Bigin’s out-of-the-box analytics dashboards with charts and KPIs empower businesses to make smarter decisions based on data and up-to-date key performance metrics.

Fully mobile: Manage emails, stay updated with your pipeline, and access key business information in real time with our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Zoho Announces Bigin: New Pipeline-Centric CRM Solution Built and Priced Specifically to Help Small Businesses

Pricing and Availability

At $7/user/month, billed annually, Bigin is not just built for small businesses, it is also priced for them. For more information, please visit https://www.zoho.com/bigin

How is Bigin different from Zoho CRM?

Bigin is a pipeline-centric CRM solution focused exclusively on small and micro businesses who do not yet need an elaborate, end-to-end CRM. Bigin is also an ideal fit for freelancers and individuals who want to manage their personal business pipelines online. Zoho CRM, on the other hand, is focused on growing businesses of all sizes, especially enterprises who are looking to utilize the larger CRM platform for their advanced business needs.

Zoho Announces Bigin: New Pipeline-Centric CRM Solution Built and Priced Specifically to Help Small Businesses

Customer Statements

“I was looking for a simpler lead management and automation tool, and I believe I have found the right platform after trying multiple tools over the last few years,” said Vikas Kakkar, Founder and CEO at HireXP, an early adopter of Bigin. “It has completely transformed the sales process, and I regularly recommend Bigin to my contacts.”

“We were so impressed by Bigin’s ‘perfect fit’ for small organizations, and we have now consolidated all information about our clients and projects in Bigin,” said Luison Lassala, General Manager at Bedrock Success Consulting, an early adopter of Bigin and an independent CRM consultant for over 15 years. “It is quite impressive to see that such an affordable product provides very useful functionalities such as managing duplication of records, customizing fields that are specific to our own way of working, providing dashboards to manage the performance of emails, and even linking up with the Twitter accounts of our clients.”

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