The future looks bright as the next generation of leaders came up with innovative solutions to solve current problems in traffic, environment, and other local issues in the recently concluded Youth Innovation Summit 2019.

Spearheaded by the Multiple Intelligence International School and copresented by Smart Communications, the event promotes design thinking through a string of experiential and collaborative workshops where students have to think of products, digital platforms, organizations, or other solutions that address problems that our country is facing today.

“We are committed in creating an ecosystem for innovators. The next industrial revolution we know is going to be a very digital space. We need to be participative in creating an ecosystem for innovation and for creating solutions that promote sustainable development in our country.” said Dr. Mary Joy Canon-Abaquin, Founding Directress of Multiple Intelligence International School.

A total of eight (8) challenges were made to encourage and foster shared understanding and commitment within the students, namely the Linguistic Challenge, Logical-Mathematical Challenge, Spatial Challenge, Bodily Kinesthetic Challenge, Musical Challenge, Intrapersonal Challenge, Interpersonal Challenge, and the Naturalist Challenge.

Students from different schools pose for photos with Multiple Intelligence International School Founding Directress Dr. Mary Joy Canon-Abaquin (fifth from right) after winning prizes for their innovations that address social concerns and promote creativity and wellness, among other ideas.

The challenges were focused on either addressing a particular issue or proposes an opportunity to transform a facet in society through the help of sustainable ideas and digitalization. Listed below are the groups who won per challenge:

The Fantastic Fortunate group won in the Linguistic challenge with their idea, “Andar Para Sa Buong Pilipinas,” which aims to solve the worsening traffic condition in the metro.

Team 7-11’s wearable debit cards won the best pitch for the Logical-Mathematical category. This idea aims to make transactions easier and on-the-go.

Under the Spatial challenge, Mak + Jip group won with their idea of a sustainable company that sells household products sourced from local makers and resources. “We thought of a business that basically gives an opportunity for the indigenous people’s work to be seen and be availed by consumers through a platform. In this way, we try to promote their work and help sell it too,” members of the Mak + Jip group said.

Team PWD, under the Bodily-Kinesthetic challenge, won with their Thinder app which connects people with the same fitness goals.

Smart developer evangelist and business development head for digital payments Paul Pajo gives a talk on design thinking at the Youth Innovation Challenge 2019.

The Tugtog ng Pinoy campaign from the winners of Musical challenge aims to promote OPM through a string of school tours and fund-raising concerts for local talents.

Advocating support for mental health, Team Good Thinking came up with the We Care App. Through the app, friends can send chocolates, gifts, and other items to comfort their loved ones.

Interpersonal challenge winners, Team Climex, won with their volunteer rewards program.

Lastly, Team Oof Breef won under the Nature challenge for their coral preservation idea.

Smart developer evangelist and SmartDevNet cofounder Paul Pajo also gave his insights on design thinking and why it’s important for the youth to start pitching in ideas that may contribute in nation building. He also gave practical tips on how students can develop their design thinking skills.

PLDT Inc. and wireless arm Smart Communications have been supporting the education sector for years, with programs such as Smart School-in-a-Bag, which empowers learners in remote areas through digital education tools, and Gabay Guro, which promotes the welfare of teachers.

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