In an effort to give greater emphasis on the use of more sustainable energy sources in the Philippines, Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Development Corporation, through its subsidiary Trans-Asia Renewable Energy Corporation (TAREC), completed a 54-megawatt wind farm in the Visayan province of Guimaras.

The San Lorenzo Wind Farm, named after the town in which it is located, is projected to generate over 120 GWh of electricity annually, which can sustain the energy demands of 48,000 households.

“The Visayas is currently experiencing a surge in infrastructure and economic progress, which will eventually lead to higher energy demands,” TAREC reps said. “The wind farm is more than capable of answering this demand. It will be a key contributor in producing renewable energy in the region,” TAREC continued.

Aside from the energy that it yields, TAREC representatives also envision the project to become a tourist attraction in the area. “The wind turbines emanate a sense of majesty and architectural beauty that will makes it a perfect photo backdrop for visitors,” TAREC said.

The project was built prioritizing reliability, efficiency and durability. Key components of the facility -the ring main units for the wind turbine generators, the vacuum circuit breakers for the main switchgear and the protection relays for the protection panels of the substations, along with the training to operate these systems were part of the end-to-end solution provided by Schneider Electric. These components were designed and installed to protect the wind farm from many system faults, ensuring reliable production all-year round.

TAREC expressed confidence in their choice of design and components as Schneider Electric’s products and services are known to be one of the most reliable in the world. Schneider’s years of experience in the industry made them the brand of choice for most energy projects, especially renewable energy facilities such as wind farms.

“We look forward to the advancements this infrastructure will bring to Guimaras. So far, we’re happy that we have used advanced solutions from Schneider Electric to power this wind farm,” stated TAREC.

The San Lorenzo Wind Farm consists of 27 wind turbines, each generating 2 MW of energy. The project is expected to contribute to the global effort of reducing greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere estimated at 1.3 million tons of carbon dioxide over a 20-year project lifespan.

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