Earlier this week, US President Barack Obama hosted a computer science workshop for school children at the White House. During the workshop Mr. Obama sat down with students to learn how to code on an Acer Chromebook 11, making him the first ever US president to write a computer program.

Since their introduction, Chromebooks have become increasingly popular among schools and other organizations because they are simple to use, ideal for sharing by multiple users, portable and easy to deploy on a large scale. Security on the Chrome operating system is also an important factor, as it’s automatically updated to guard against ever-changing online threats. This is especially useful for families and schools who want to protect children.

Over the summer, Acer was awarded a major tender to supply Chromebooks to Montgomery County Public Schools in the US state of Maryland, the 17th largest school district in the United States with enrollment of over 150,000 students. This win was Acer’s largest single-year Chromebook deal and reaffirmed its position as one of the leading Chromebook vendors in the US market.