Uber Manila is now rolling out to more Uber users a more affordable variant of the Uber private limousine experience – uberX.

What is uberX

According to Uber Manila, the uberX experience gives you the same Uber reliability, convenience, and safety with one marked difference – Price. Vehicles on uberX are compact cars – Accent, City, and Wigo – in various colors.

How to Try it Out?

Simply launch the Uber app. At the bottom of your phone’s screen is a slider. Move the slider to the uberX icon and request a ride as normal.

uberX phone shot

What are the Rates?

Price uberX Rate UberBLACK Rate*
Base fare P40 P90
Per Minute P2.00 P2.10
Per KM P5.70 P12.92
Minimum Fare P40 P120

Download the Uber app now for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows to check out the affordable uberX experience.

First time with Uber?

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