Monster Radio’s “The Morning Rush” hosts Chico, Delamar, and Gino share why they’ve made it a daily habit to rely on their Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10

Stand Mode Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10

This might be the first time that a Top 10 topic from The Morning Rush radio show hosts Chico Garcia, Delamar Arias, and Gino Quillamor will not be in the mold of their usual tongue-in-cheek, laugh-out-loud, daily list. After all, the audience—especially the “Rushers” or the fanatic followers of the 18-year-old program— always expect a funny, naughty, and bold radio segment which started in 2002.

But the three DJs of the award-winning program are certainly not kidding when they enumerate the best attributes of the innovative Lenovo Yoga Tablet. Just like the show that constantly evolves to continually surprise its audience base, the Yoga Tablet shatters the mold in tablet design to create a device that is more versatile than any other tablet product that has come before it.

Chico, Delamar, Gino

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1.“It’s like a friend, a secretary, and a babysitter in one.”

The Morning Rush” airs from 6:00 to 10:00 AM, but the work of the three DJs sometimes continues for the rest of the day. Beyond their daily work, they have hosting gigs, meetings, brainstorming sessions and recordings to attend to – it’s no wonder they are very heavy mobile gadget users.

“The level of clinginess I have with my smartphones and tablets is directly proportional to the level of activities I have on my social media accounts. The more active I am in posting stuff, the more crucial it becomes for me to have my gadgets to monitor the responses. I mean, who hasn’t posted on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram without having to check in on the post every five minutes just to see if your crush has ‘Liked’ your post yet?” Chico laughs while explaining.

Chico has been looking for a device for all his daily activities: Facebook, Twitter, blog, email, surf, play games, watch videos, and read books. “The Lenovo Yoga Tablet met all my demands. It’s a good companion to bring at work, while traveling, or even on a daily basis,” he says.

Delamar almost literally uses it as a babysitter for her pre-schooler son, Cooper. She shares, “Cooper wanted to watch his ‘Little Einstein’ videos. I gave him my phone but he said, ‘No, Mama. I want the Yoga Tablet, please.’”

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 Review


2. “I don’t get tired of using it because of the many modes it has!”

Gino gushes about the pioneering design of the Yoga Tablet. It incorporates a battery cylinder and kickstand on the side of the device, shifting the center of gravity and opening up multiple usage modes. “When you’re lying down, sitting down, or whatever it is you’re doing, you can have different modes for it,” says Gino.

In Hold mode, its weight falls into your palm rather than on your fingers, making it more comfortable for reading and browsing. In Tilt mode, you have a perfect viewing angle for typing or gaming. You can also just flick the kickstand and rest it upright to watch videos.


3. It’s light…

All of them have positive things to say about the device’s size and light weight, which, according to Chico, make the tablet “easy to use for what we need during the show.”

Chico remembers the 1990’s when most listeners sent their Top 10 entries via text messaging. But now, most of the entries are sent via Twitter, which is an advantage because, as Gino points out, “We get to track the amount of entries we get, and people can access all the entries that don’t make it on-air.”

Since Chico is the one who usually monitors the show’s Twitter account, he is very pleased about the Yoga Table’s weigh., “I was pleasantly surprised to find out how light it was in my hands. The Yoga Tablet more than lives up to expectations,” he quips.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 Review


4. …and it’s portable.

“Holding the Lenovo Yoga Tablet for the first time, I [noticed] how easy and comfortable it feels in my hands,” shares Delamar. “The handle on the side really makes it easy to bring with you anywhere. Whether it’s for personal or professional stuff, the fact that it’s not cumbersome to use and hold makes all the other things I need to do for work or for Cooper easier,” she continues.


5. It offers great connectivity and has an epic 18-hour battery life.

“The Kikays, as a barkada and as individuals, have a very strong online presence,” Delamar, who says she’s not a techie at all, points out. “Having our smartphones and tablets with us every day and everywhere we go is important. I also need to have my gadgets with me all the time because it’s something my son uses both as an educational tool and for entertainment purposes.

The Yoga Tablet provides many options to keep the user connected, including integrated Bluetooth, 802.11 b/g/n protocol, Wi-Fi, and GPS. It keeps going over the long haul with battery that can last up to 18 hours. Its unique cylinder-shaped side chamber allows more room for battery storage, thus allowing more usage time between charges.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Modes

6. “I love playing around and discovering new apps with it. 

Unlike Chico and Delamar, Gino says he is a techie guy. He has two phones, the Yoga Tablet, and a laptop with him all the time. At home, he has three game consoles, a desktop computer, little gadgets for fitness such as a GPS watch and a monitor for his bike, and even music players that work underwater. “I’m kind of ashamed to say I’m one of those who are always on Instagram, or that I’m always Tweeting something while having dinner at the table. I’d like to think that I know when to put my gadgets down,” he admits.

Gino shares that prior to having the Yoga Tablet, he was only looking for something to read books in since he liked using actual computers for everything else. Little did he know that the Yoga Tablet could fulfill a wide variety of functions to meet his everyday needs. “I watch videos on it, do research, play games, and listen to music. I use it as a power bank, too. And I love that the Yoga Tablet runs on Android, what with all the games available in the Android market,” Gino shares.


7. “What impressed me the most is its video resolution.” 

Apparently, the 10.1-inch, 1280 x 800 display which delivers high-definition visuals has made a strong impact on Chico. He mentions, “Once I saw how crisp the video was, I was sold. I really love how crisp and clear the picture is, so alive and vibrant, the way I want to see my videos. It has the best resolution I have personally seen on any tablet.”

Additionally, the tablet features the in-plane switching (IPS) technology which provides a wide, 178° viewing angle. It also has a 5.0MP rear and 1.6MP front cameras for taking high-definition pictures and having clear video chats.

03 Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10


8. It has a groundbreaking, sleek design.

When Delamar points out the Yoga Tablet’s very minimalistic and clean design, her two other co-hosts were quick to agree. Chico says he has not seen anything shaped like it. Gino adds, “I like the metallic finish, too.” The device tapers to a mere 3 mm at the edge and has a laser-etched back housing to prevent scratches. The chrome-painted trim completes its stylish design.

“I haven’t put anything on it, not even a casing, because I love how sleek it looks. Its look is beautiful to me,” Delamar declares.


9. The dazzling audio.

Thanks to its front-facing speakers, this multi-mode device is perfect for watching videos or listening to music—two activities which the three DJs are fond of doing. This feature makes it unlike other tablets in the market which have speakers at the side or bottom of the equipment.

Aside from that, Yoga Tablet’s Dolby Digital Plus enhancement gives it a rich, immersive sound experience.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 with Bluetooth Cover Review


10. “I love how it’s so customizable.”

As it is, the Yoga Tablet 10 is already an amazing technology product. But the good news is there are still ways to make it even better. Gino, for instance, is quite ready to explore its optional enhancements. “I’d love to have the keyboard for it one day, and I’m in the process of buying memory cards for movies!”

He is talking about the optional wireless Accutype keyboard, a stylish Bluetooth accessory that also serves as a cover. Furthermore, a user can expand the built-in 16GB of storage with up to 64GB memory through the micro-SD card storage support.

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