The only travel phone you need to bring to these sought-after travel spots

With travel restrictions easing up, it’s time to pack and prepare for adventure. Sharing your experiences and capturing memories are best done with a camera phone you can trust. That’s they Xiaomi 12 Series – these devices let you master every scene. Here are three popular tourist destinations where you can rely on the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro to deliver crisp and clear pics and awesome videos in every scenario.

Visit the land of healers – Siquijor

Capture the mystery and magic of Siquijor, and its pristine beaches with snorkeling sites, waterfalls worthy of Instagram moments, and landmarks that move travelers to both live in the moment and share these wondrous experiences through the images and videos captured with the Xiaomi 12 cameras.

Xiaomi 12 Series - Master Every Scene with Rhian Ramos
>>> Rhian Ramos with the Xiaomi 12

The Xiaomi 12 features a pro-grade 50MP rear camera with both an ultra-wide (for taking more of the scene, and more people, too) and macro lenses (for up close pics of objects). It also has a triple 50MP camera array that includes both telephoto and ultra-widelenses. These allow you, in the words of actress Rhian Ramos, to “see life in more vivid view.”

Watch Rhian Ramos use the Xiaomi 12 at Siquijor here.

Savor authentic Bicolano cuisine in Camarines Norte

Camarines Norte has the twin allure of being both a surfing spot and also a destination to try out authentic Bicolano cuisine. It’s never a bad thing to try out something new, and as Chef Jose Sarasola puts it, “It’s important to to be open to try new dishes to increase one’s appreciation for diverse experiences.”

Xiaomi 12 Series - Master Every Scene with Mikael Daez
>>> Xiaomi 12 Series – Master Every Scene with Chef Jose Sarasola

The ProFocus feature of the Xiaomi 12 lets you perfectly document your Camarines Norte adventure – whether it’s framing a plate of spicy Bicol Express or an action-packed scene of someone surfing the waves of Bagasbas Beach. Profocus involves subject learning and tracking algorithms that anticipate the movement of objects through Motion Tracking Focus, Motion Capture, and Eye Tracking Focus features. You get seamless and clear shots every time. Couple that with the Xiaomi 12’s fast-charging 4500mAh battery with 50W wireless turbo charging, and you’ll have enough juice for an entire day of adventure.

Watch Chef Jose Carasola use the Xiaomi 12 in Camarines Norte here

Find out why Camiguin is the “Island Born of Fire”

Because of volcanic eruptions, Camiguin has a remarkable shape and is know as the Island Born of Fire. With both scenic beaches and hiking opportunities, it’s an adventure waiting to be filmed and photographed. Its highest peak, Mount Mabajao offers a unique hiking adventure.

Xiaomi 12 Series - Master Every Scene with Chef Jose Carasola
>>> Mikael Daez with the Xiaomi 12

You can play around with the Xiaomi 12’s Ultra-Night Video and Multi-Scene Night Views during the crack of dawn, which is the ideal time to get up for hiking. These features allow you to capture scenes in low light. Portrait Night Mode and other night mode features on both wide-angle and ultra-wide angle lenses automatically brighten up your videos and pictures, so you get clearer and more vivid output even in dim scenarios.

The Xiaomi 12 also features Quad Speakers with SOUND by Harman Kardon, so that you can enjoy music while camping, or around a bonfire.

Watch Mikael Daez use the Xiaomi 12 in Camiguin here.

These trips won’t be complete with capturing those thrilling and beautiful moments, with the Xiaomi 12 Series. Its state-of-the-art camera features and specs let you capture travel memories worth sharing and looking back on.

You can buy the Xiaomi 12 Series at Xiaomi stores. For details on these devices, go to

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