The Promate Powerstation 240s and 120 are silent, portable, rechargeable, and designed for power failures or for sustained needs outdoors, or on the go. Powered by a sealed LED acid battery, they sit between a power bank and a small generator (minus the noise and maintenance) and can keep your lights, computers, mobile devices, power tools, and other equipment running even during brown outs. That means, with a small thing to carry and at the cost of a midrange smartphone, you can get some work done, wrap up that shoot, camp out and stay connected, and keep the outdoor party going.

You can recharge the Promate units through a 220V socket, from your car charger, or through solar panels. Both the Promate 240s (400W, P11,999) and 120 (200W, P5,999) are available at S&R branches, and online via Promate Store on Facebook, Lazada, OLX, Shopee, Carousell, AdoboMall, and Buyers of the Promate 240s are granted 1 year limited warranty.

You can check out the Promate 240s and 120 at Lazada. Promate also sells a separate 30watts Solar Panel, and a Solar Bundle consisting of the Promate 120 and the 30watts Solar Panel.

Promate 240 versus 240s РImprovements, Ports, etc. 

Here are key changes in the Promate 240s (from the previous 240 launched in 2015). The 240s has a bigger solar panel maximum capacity of 60 Watts (so there’s less charging time), the LED light is now in the front panel (for convenience), the front panel layout has changed (all usage including terminal output for car jumpers is now in front), a single 24AH sealed lead battery acid powers the Promate 240s (instead of the previous dual 12AH battery). Less battery means lower maintenance and improved shelf life.

As with the 240, the 240s features  two 220VAC outputs, three USB ports, and one 12VDC output which are in the front panel. Also, cables are included, including alligator clips.

David Nouvelot, President of Powertech Asia Pacific, Inc., which owns Promate, holds up the just-launched Promate 240s Powerstation.
David Nouvelot, President of Powertech Asia Pacific, Inc., which owns Promate, holds up the just-launched Promate 240s Powerstation.

Promate 240s and 120 Specifications


LED Display Board


About Promate

Promate is a trusted and reliable brand of portable generators and powerstations that have been powering major businesses such as banks, drugstores, and convenience stores for 10 years. Promate is owned by Powertech Asia Pacific, Incorporated, a Philippine-registered company. Promate also offers on-call after-sales service to all Promate consumers.

Find Out More

For more info, you can call Promate at (02) 914-7287/ (02) 650-6147, visit their website (, and follow them on Facebook (PromatePH), Instagram (PromatePH), and Twitter (@promatephil).

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