The rise of e-commerce in the Philippines has greatly contributed to the national economy. Local companies are now able to reach customer bases that they never dreamed of. However, the vital component to success for online retail takes place behind the scenes.

Orders can easily be lost in the hustle and bustle of an overcrowded warehouse, causing customers to wait for overdue deliveries, receive the wrong products, or worse yet, and not receive a package at all. Trustworthy companies like LBC Express, have proven their capabilities time and time again have become the only reliable option for both consumers and businesses.

With over 70 years of experience in the Philippines, LBC is no stranger to the little nuances of delivering packages in a timely manner. Throughout the years, they have developed in-house systems and procedures that help ensure accurate and expedient customer service.

At the recently held Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA) 2015 Annual Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Conference, LBC Express Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Charlie Villaseñor revealed how LBC has grown from a retail courier service to an end-to-end logistics provider that services companies all over the Philippines.

LBC’s international network is composed of 1,650 company-owned local branches, 63 overseas branches, and 206 expert delivery teams with over 330 delivery vans and 1,500 motorcycles at their disposal. In addition to this, their increasing number of modernized warehouses has further strengthened their wide area of operations.

LBC Express Senior Vice President – Supply Chain Charlie Villaseñor, CSSP, CPSM discusses the importance of a well–trained and experienced staff following global standards in ensuring efficient supply chain & logistics at the 2015 PASIAWorld Annual Procurement, Logistics, and Supply Chain Conference at the Marriott Hotel.

However, LBC believes that their capabilities rely beyond the systems, procedures, and equipment that they have developed and accumulated. “Although machines and modern technology have revolutionized the trade, having the right people is without a doubt the crucial aspect of the industry,” Villaseñor said.

Villaseñor continually reiterated the importance of the “human element” in Supply Chain. A system or procedure is only as good as the person that executes it. And if something is not working, or something can be made better, it is the human element that thinks of new ways to solve a problem.

“The lessons learned throughout the years by LBC’s dedicated staff are not only applicable to getting the final product from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’,” he further elaborated. “They are also applicable in ensuring that various supply chain procedures are executed properly; such as ensuring that an ample amount of raw materials are kept in the inventory, picking and packing is down efficiently, and the product is secured in modernized warehouses,” he continued.

“In other words, besides our extensive long distance courier capabilities, we endeavor to provide the optimal end to end value added supply chain services to businesses,” he said. “This lets entrepreneurs and corporations alike forget about logistical requirements and grow their businesses by focusing on the areas where they excel the most,” Mr. Villasenor concluded.

To learn more about LBC Business Solutions and all its listed services please visit business or contact the LBC Customer Care Hotline at (02) 9086-522.


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LBC Express, Inc. is the Philippines’ market leader in payments, remittance, courier products, mail, parcels and, cargo logistics. Through a global presence in over 30 countries in Asia-Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Europe, LBC Express’ network of 4,400 locations, partners, and agents is growing steadily, and commits to moving lives, businesses, and communities in the Philippines and across the globe. LBC Business Solutions, the company’s corporate servicing arm, applies the same brand of service LBC is known for at a larger scale. Using LBC’s vast network and  dedicated use of over a hundred delivery hubs, over 60 full service teams, and over 2000 personnel, The group is focused on providing professional customized solutions that are able to meet the most challenging demands, while emphasizing on cost-effectiveness and reliable customer service. LBC can move it for you: visit us at, or call telephone +632 8585 999 (Metro Manila), 1 800 10 8585 999 (Provincial), and follow LBCExpress (Facebook and Twitter).