Life in beautiful detail shows how everyday things can transform into amazing moving images through the 4K technology.  Aptly titled and themed this way, Sony Philippines launched its newest line of BRAVIA 4K TVs that continues to provide the most immersive and high resolution cinematic experience.

“For years, Sony has continuously worked to provide the most immersive home entertainment experience for its customers. With 4K’s promise of clearer and sharper picture quality, we guarantee that our TVs depict images in such amazing detail, making them seem close to reality. We aspire to change the way people watch television and elevate the home entertainment experience,” said Nobuyoshi Otake, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines.


Taking off from their initial launch of the very exclusive 84-inch 4K TV two years ago, Sony now offers a more dynamic range of this experience by introducing five new screen sizes fit for any type of personality and budget.  This year, Sony is bringing to the market its X9000B Series available in an 85-inch screen size and its X8500B Series available in 70-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch and 49-inch screen sizes. All are capable to deliver the highest picture quality.

Sony presented its new BRAVIA 4K TV line-up to guests through a live visual symphony in partnership with Sonata Strings and esteemed directors from the local film industry. Sony presented videos that portrayed the most mundane aspects of life in crisp, beautiful detail, using the capabilities and magic of 4K technology.


Four short films were shot in full 4K highlighting how it provides rich and delicate color tones compared with other technologies.  Partner directors, Raz Dela Torre, Nico Faustino, Dino Narciso, and Paul Macasaet used Sony’s 4K consumer camcorders FDR-AX1 and AX100 as well as the Sony Xperia Z2 that utilizes 4K technology.

Film director and talented scriptwriter Raz De La Torre’s film piece was shot using the Sony’s 4K Handycam FDR-AX1 and AX100. The short film depicted nature in its barest elements.


“With innovations like 4K technology, the stories that I create will be provided a medium on which they are appreciated the way I intended it for my audience. In 4K resolution, the images of my stories are displayed in a quality that’s unparalleled by past technologies. Cinematography is better able to evoke mood with expanded shades of colours and the astonishing range of contrast. All this amplifies the ability of the filmmaker to tell his story because the images push the narrative with better effectiveness,” De La Torre said.

Meanwhile, filmmaker Dondi Narciso’s “Close Encounters at Home” features elements you see in a normal household. “As a fashion filmmaker, I am inspired by beauty, form, and fluidity. I find these characteristics in everyday inanimate objects at home. 4K resolution brought out even crisper hues and wider range in tone. The sharpness in every detail is truly amazing,” Narciso said.


The power of the Sony Xperia Z2 amazed director Nico Faustino, whose inspiration was the capability of the phone to bring to life what he imagined. His short clip captured mouth-watering shots of food as they were being prepared for a sumptuous feast.  “With the quality of the Xperia Z2 camera, I was able to shoot everything that came to mind. Color vibrancy in an ultra- high definition device is always the best combination. With 4K technology even in a small device as a smartphone, there are endless possibilities to be created,” Faustino shared.

4K technology enabled wedding director Paul Macasaet the freedom to shoot with the highest quality video that will last a lifetime. He captured what he documents best – people and moments.  “As a wedding videographer, I notice how the quality of 4K is more superior than any other. I was using the Xperia Z2 and even underwater, the colors are crisper and the resolution is outstanding. The inspiration for my concept is family because being a wedding videographer, everything revolves around family,” Macasaet said.


The new BRAVIA 4K TVs are equipped the 4K X-Reality PRO processing engine that analyzes and processes every image to refine color, clarity and detail for a beautifully natural picture. Additionally, viewers are treated with TRILUMINOS Display technology that creates incredibly true, natural shades of colors. Images are presented in rich, authentic colors with subtle tones all the while replicating natural and bold colors including hard-to-reproduce reds, aqua blues, and emerald greens. By assimilating QD Vision’s Colour IQTM optical component with Sony’s unique display technologies, these televisions achieve significantly wide color range and provide a far more natural and brilliant viewing experience with a heightened sense of depth.

Sony Bravia 4K TV Lead

Sony also features its exclusive X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology that utilizes a full array of local dimming that produces contrast beyond comparison and a widening dynamic range. Bright whites and dark blacks are controlled with fine detail.

Another unique quality from Sony’s lineup is its promise of big and powerful sound with the use of its ClearAudio+™ technology, which combines a variety of Sony’s unique audio digital processing technologies to produce high-quality sound. Some of the new TVs also have Long Duct Speakers that provide richer sounds with solid bass audio for your total entertainment. Others, meanwhile, are equipped with the Bass Reflex Box Speaker that provides a more intense and focused sound, enabling users to hear every detail clearly.

Get to share your memorable moments as Sony also offers Social Viewing capabilities that integrate uninterrupted video-conferencing as the technology eliminates echoes to ensure clear conversations, as well as provide you the opportunity to view live tweets and share moments with friends via Skype, all happening simultaneously while watching on a Sony TV. To complete the experience, the X series TVs also offer its One-Flick Remote feature that can instantly pull up a short cut menu that lets users navigate their favorite TV channels, networked photos and online videos from YouTube, Crackle, and Video Unlimited. This is Sony’s answer to stress-free selection of your favorite channels.

Don’t miss out on this experience as the new Bravia 4K line will be made available in Sony Centres and Authorized Dealers beginning this August.  For more information visit, like, or follow

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