Summer is like your angry mother when you don’t want to do your chores: there’s no escape from her. But you can at least find ways to endure it – the heat, not your mother. So here are 8 Tito-approved items you can get from Shopee; each of them can make the summer more bearable.


Get this hammock from Shopee, download the Shopee app

Yeah, this heat is not making resting any easier, but a hammock might help. That empty space in your veranda, garage, storage room, over your bed, or between two trees – that’s all you need. Keep in mind a few things. Fasten both ends securely (tug at each end to see if either give way) and when testing the hammock, set your weight (sit down, don’t lie down) slowly in the middle; don’t jump on it like a kid (or you’ll appear on a Fail Army video). And if you have kids and pets, expect to be pestered and bullied to leave your hammock. Stand your ground. Get it here.


Get this humidifier from Shopee, download the Shopee app

When evenings get so darn hot and dry, breathing can get a bit hard. A humidifier can help ease that discomfort (and make sleeping easier). It’s essentially a mist machine that spews out water vapor (adding moisture to the air). It helps prevent dryness of your skin, nose, throat, and lips. You can get a basic one (that only moisturizes the air) or one that double as a night lamp and lets you add scented oils (which helps calm down you down so you can fall asleep). There’s a lot to choose from at Shopee. Start with this one.

Beach Chair

Get this beach chair from Shopee, download the Shopee app

If setting up a hammock is too much, a foldable, take-anywhere beach chair is where you want to snooze off when it’s too hot to go out, and during those evenings when, thank you, Lord, the wind is cool. As with the hammock, a comfy and cool beach chair will be eyed by your family (and pets). Let them know who’s boss. Let them enjoy your beach chair.ย Check it out here.

Mini Fan with Humidifier

Get this Rechargeable-Mist-Fan from Shopee, download the Shopee app

It’s so hot that you can sometimes feel the Earth “hum” in waves of heat. And yet you still have to commute to work and back again, despite the traffic. While a mini fan can help cool your temper, a mini fan with a humidifier (which sprays moisture on your face) helps cool you down faster, and helps with your dry skin, lips, and eyes. Get it here.

Take note though that activating both fan and humidifier drains the battery faster (while using just the fan nets you a longer usage time), so be sure to bring . . .

A not so heavy but high capacity power bank

Get this Power-Bank from Shopee, download the Shopee app

Yeah, clasping a power bank and your phone in one hand is the new normal, with the former often disproportionately bigger than the latter. With more phones having quick charge, it’s time to get a power bank that not only lasts days on a single charge (because you binge watch during traffic) but also charges your phone faster than usual. Get it here.

Anti Anti-Theft Backpack

Get this Anti-Theft-Backpack from Shopee, download the Shopee app

So you don’t have to worry about getting robbed. The premise behind this is simple: there are no visual and tactile clues on the back’s rear as to where openings and pockets are. That way, a would-be thief is dissuaded. I have this backpack myself. And you’ll considerably worry less in a crowded area or a sardined MRT train, when you have this kind of bag, than you would with a normal pocket-and-buttons-and-zippers-are-exposed backpack.ย Get it here.

Waterproof Pouch for Your Phone

Get this Waterproof-Phone-Pouch from Shopee, download the Shopee app

A day trip out of town to a beach or drinking by the pool is a default setting for many, but we Titos simply like to be prepared. Meaning, we want our midrange phones to not drown when we accidentally drop it in salt water and swimming pool water. Enter the waterproof pouch. Yes, it’s not always in tandem with what your wearing, the sealed plastic makes charging impossible and muffles the phone’s speaker a bit, but those are acceptable trade offs. No Tito in his right mind would adore a dead-by-drowning phone buried in rice (to be dried) prior to mumbling prayers (Lord, let my phone live, please). Get it here.

Waterproof Drybag

Get this Waterproof-Drybag from Shopee, download the Shopee app

Well, you can’t stow away wet/soiled clothes you use during a swim in your regular bag (unless you use plastic bags, which might burst). So a dedicated, waterproof bag is great for those excursions to the beach/swimming pool or when you’re trekking. And this drybag looks good.ย Get it here.

Honorable Mention: Water Bottle with Pill Organizer

Get this Waterbottle-with-Pill-Organ from Shopee, download the Shopee app

While not exactly a must-have, I snuck this one here because we all have loved ones who, “Give me something to drink or I can’t take my meds!” So why not keep the meds and the water bottle together, and gift this to someone who needs it? Also, the heat makes people more irritable when they can’t find their meds. Or something to drink. Get it here.

So there. That’s my quick list of items I would buy from Shopee, but then again, I’m a certified Tito. Your list might a be bit different.

Remember, with Shopee, you can earn coins you can use on your next purchase, you can enjoy FREE shipping, and Shopee always has a promo or sale brewing (all the more reason to download the app). Also, you can chat with the seller if you have questions about the product, before buying it.

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