If you’re a Smart Bro subscriber, you need to check this out.

The just-launched SmartBro Dashboard gives SmartBro subscribers access to everything about their broadband accounts — from their SIM number, current load balance, and promo subscription validity, to a full list of broadband packages that they can easily subscribe to, accessible with just a simple click from within the Dashboard.


If you’re subscribed to mobile data, the usual pain points are registering to a promo, monitoring your usage, and remembering your own number. In one fell swoop, well actually, a web page, Smart Bro Dashboard solves that. And yes a mobile app is in the works.

Apart from easy management and subscription, the Smart Bro dashboard has Load Protect, a feature that, when activated, prevents subscribers from incurring unintended data charges once their Unlisurf, Flexisurf, or Always On subscriptions expire. This way, subscribers are fully aware that they are not being charged beyond the packages that they subscribed to.

The Smart Bro Dashboard is initially available to all prepaid Plug-It, Pocket WiFi, and SIM-only subscribers and postpaid LTE users. The Dashboard automatically opens once the user opens the browser, reaches zero balance, or when “Load Protect” is turned on and their promo subscription expires.



  • Easily accessible via the Internet browser (smart.com.ph/brodashboard), Smart Bro Dashboard allows full and real-time access to users’ account details, including their SIM number, current load balance, and the current status of their subscribed package.

    When a user is subscribed to an Always-On package, for example, they will be able to see in real-time how much MB volume they have left and the validity of their subscription, so they can pace their usage accordingly.

    The Dashboard also allows subscribers to easily buy Unlisurf, Flexitime, or Always On load packages with just a click, so they wouldn’t have to memorize keywords anymore.

    All they have to do is click on the “Products and Services” tab on Dashboard, choose the specific load package they want to subscribe to, and click “Register Now.” The package will be activated immediately, and the amount will instantly be deducted from their prepaid credits.

    Once subscribed, users can also check the status of their load packages through the Dashboard. At the sidebar on the home page, the remaining hours or volume allocation of their subscription will be displayed prominently, so they can easily monitor their usage over time.

    “This means no more fiddling through complicated settings just to be able to send an SMS message to see users’ current load balance or the validity of their subscribed package. It’s all there in the Dashboard, and all it takes is one click,” Curran added.

  • Through the Dashboard, users can also get free and uninterrupted access to their Facebook and Twitter feeds through SmartNet. By signing in to a SmartNet account and linking their social media profiles, they will also be able to post quick status updates for their friends to see.

    Aside from this, users can also access various digital content offered by Smart through the Dashboard, including music from SPINNR, movie streaming from Clickplay, and online game e-Pins from GameX. Visiting these sites will not incur any charges if they were accessed from the Dashboard.


To know more about this groundbreaking innovation from Smart Bro, visit http://tomorrowishere.smart.com.ph/brodashboard.

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