Angelo Umali, Filipino electrical engineer, receives start up support from the AIA Group Limited through the AIA Accelerator program. His device, the SimpleWave, monitors the movements of at-risk people, such as the elderly. Should the user suffer a fall, the device connects the user with a designated emergency contact through the SimpleWave’s built-in phone. This facilitates a quick way to respond to at-risk individuals and provides peace of mind to family members.

  • Angelo Umali, SimpleWave, AIA Accelerator Program,SimpleWave, a Pinoy-designed wearable tech for elderly care, gets AIA Accelerated

A designated emergency contact of a SimpleWave user will be notified when the user may have suffered a fall, how bad the fall is, the user’s location, info on contact partners (i.e. ambulance), and how soon help can arrive. SimpleWave has not yet launched, but is priced at about P8,000.00.

Angelo Umali, SimpleWave, AIA Accelerator Program

Angelo Umali (above), worried about his elderly grandmother, wanted to create a device that would notify his family if his grandmother were to collapse, for any reason, or needed help. Angelo founded Simple Wearables, and he and his team designed the SimpleWave, to provide peace of mind for people who worry about their elderly or disabled loved ones.

“I envision SimpleWave to go along way as a platform in protecting the elderly and giving peace of mind to family members. I am thankful to AIA for helping us along the way,” Angelo said. He is an electrical engineer graduate from Stanford and UCLA, but he grew up in the Philippines.

Angelo Umali, SimpleWave, AIA Accelerator Program

Together on cutting-edge but practical health care. (L-R) Angelo Umali, founder of Simple Wearables, and Jaime Jose Javier, Jr., Chief Marketing Officer for Philam Life. Both are holding prototypes of the SimpleWave.

Through the AIA Accelerator program, the AIA Group Limited is helping innovators push the next big idea in health care, such as Umali’s SimpleWave, for the whole world to see. This is being done in partnership with Nest, Hong Kong’s leading investment incubator. The AIA Group Limited is the largest publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group.

This partnership between Simple Wearables and AIA can lower the cost of one’s insurance premium. The two companies are now talking to private ambulances (for emergency responses) and telcos (the SimpleWave has a built-in phone).

Angelo Umali, SimpleWave, AIA Accelerator Program

L-R: Umali and Javier.

“Health care and protection need not be complicated. Something as simple as acquiring an insurance plan like Health Invest Plus, financially taking care of yourself or using devices like SimpleWave allows us to be prepared for the worst,” said Jaime Jose Javier, Jr., Chief Marketing Officer for Philam Life. “We want our customers to feel secure knowing that their loved ones can receive crucial life-saving care at the first sign of an emergency,”

The AIA Accelerator Program has fostered 8 startups over 12 weeks and connected them with over 40 industry mentors and potential investors.

To know more about the AIA Accelerator Program and Simple Wearables, visit and For more on Philam Life’s Health Invest Plus, visit


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