While online travel bookings, through travel agent portals, present hoteliers with opportunities for hotel sales, the challenge of maximizing inventory remains. Hoteliers want to make “…sure we aren’t missing a sale in one platform just because we’ve allocated extra to another.” This coming from Ina Israel, the CEO of Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera (she’s a hotelier). She is also the Chief Operating Officer of Shore Suite, a start up hotel software company that offers a property management system that can help hoteliers not just with online bookings but also with providing guests a more personalized experience. She and her husband, Alistair Israel (who has a background in software engineering, and is CEO of Shore Suite), together with their team, have come up with a Philippine-made cloud-based property management system to service every need of the hotelier.

Shore Suite has four core products:

Channel Manager makes it easier to maintain presence on travel agent portals. This tool allows hoteliers to instantly synch hotel rates and availability across distribution channels, thus maximizing both inventory and opportunity to place in more platforms.

Shore Suite Login Page
Shore Suite Login Page

Booking Engine makes direct reservations more user-friendly and more social. It can be easily integrated not just to one’s property website but also to one’s Facebook page as well. This makes interactions and closing of deals easier, as guests can book not just on the property’s website but even on the property’s Facebook page. Booking Engine is also integrated with payment options like PayPal and DragonPay.

Customer Relationship Management generates guests’ historical information and allows hoteliers to find out customers’ special needs and requests prior to check-in, and be ready to meet them. This “attentiveness” helps maintain a relationship with guests, even after their stay, making it easier to reconnect.

Shore Suite Dashboard
Shore Suite Dashboard

Property Management System lets hoteliers increase internal efficiency, reduce operational costs, and maximize profitability. Front office tasks become easier as the system allows one to manage multiple guests’ profiles and generate reports. Check-ins and check-outs are faster. A hotelier can take full control of his or her properties from a single dashboard (Shore Suite is cloud-based) and access their operations anytime, anywhere.


Booking Engine, Property Management System, Customer Relationship Management


Standard Suite +
Advanced Rate Planning, Channel Manager

1-20 $160 $240
21-50 $200 $400
51-100 $350 $650
101 By Request

“We see a lot of potential in the travel and tourism industry and we cannot let bad technology hamper the industry’s growth,” Ina Israel said. Shore Suite aims to provide a more efficient, cost-effective, and advanced set of tools that meet the complex needs of the hospitality industry.

From left to right, Izza Angeles (Business Development Officer), Julio Telan (Chief Technical Officer), Ina Israel (Chief Operating Officer), and Alistair Israel (Chief Executive Officer).
From left to right, Izza Angeles (Business Development Officer), Julio Telan (Chief Technical Officer), Ina Israel (Chief Operating Officer), and Alistair Israel (Chief Executive Officer).

Visit shoresuite.com for details.

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