Use MePay as your mode of payment when you shop at Zalora until January 31 and you get 25% off your total purchase!  For this purchase,  I bought items during the TAKE12 promo last December 24th which allowed me to have an additional 12% on my final total.  My P2,198 purchase ended up with a final total of P1,384.74.  I had less P549.50 for my 25% MePay discount plus P263.76 less for the TAKE12 promo. That’s a P813.26 total discount!

Do your shopping first at Zalora. Once you’re done, click on My Bag > Checkout Now. Choose MePay as your mode of payment. It should look like this:

Zalora Checkout



You’ll be forwarded to a page where you can log-in your MePay account details. Remember to use 63-mobile number (e.g.639181234567).


MePay Payment Page

You’ll be asked if you want to proceed with the transaction:

MePay Payment Page (2)jpg


After payment has been processed, you’ll get a confirmation number and get routed to back to the Zalora page:

MePay Payment Page jpg

I was buying 3 pairs of shoes, but because I was busy doing screenshots, the 3rd pair was bought by someone else.  And, I was buying during the 12% off site wide promo so more discount! My order was made last December 24th and I received my package December 28th.

Zalora Order


Adding credits to your MePay account is really easy:

  1. Sign -Up and create an account at  Remember the mobile number you used during registration.
  2. Go to any of the 30,000 Smart Money Padala Centers and tell them you’d like to top-up your MePay account and use the mobile number you registered. Tell them to top up your MePay credits using your Top Up Number, it starts with 8888- followed by your mobile number (8888-9181234567).
  3. Shop at Zalora and choose MePay as your mode of payment.  You will receive an SMS that confirms the transaction.

Remember, MePay is telco agnostic.  So it doesn’t matter what telco carrier you have.

To check how much credits you have, log-in to your MePay account.

MePay Credits

To check if you’ve been charged, log-in to your MePay account, go to transactions and choose the date when you made the transaction.  It’s a bit of a hassle and I wish that MePay should have a date range filter instead of a one day filter.

MePay Charges


The 25% off is until January 31st. Enjoy your shopping!


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