Start the year with a smile with CloudFone’s first full HD tablet

You’ve read about the CloudFone 600FHD and you thought that a full HD octa-core device pretty cool. CloudFone understands how thrilled consumers are to get the latest devices, yearning for the latest technologies while getting the best value for their money. Committed to delivering Android for all, CloudFone continuously innovates to create devices that fulfill man’s unlimited wants and needs. While everyone’s on vacation mode to chill during the holidays, CloudFone gets down to business, closing 2014 with another seriously clear surprise: the CloudPad 700FHD.

CloudPad 700FHD Product Sheet copy

Seriously cinematic magic

Just like the CloudFone Thrill 600FHD, the CloudPad 700FHD will delight users with true 1920×1080 full HD display for high definition viewing, enhanced with its IPS screen technology for accurate color reproduction across all viewing angles and precise touch response experience. Whether it’s watching a movie, browsing videos on Youtube, or just surfing, give your eyes a feast and see how the CloudPad 700FHD will make your drool over the stunningly vibrant display.

Seriously sleek and chic

It’s not just the screen that makes up a gadget, but its the entirety of a device crafted with elegance that makes in impact. You’ll know once you see it. The CloudPad 700FHD beautifully marries different metal finishes and accents to produce a two-toned aluminum enclosure housing your device. Its anodized back cover features a smooth matte finish, framed with a solid gun-metal gray strip of glazed metal plating that coats its curved edges and angled bottom bezel, giving it both a slim and classy look and feel deliberately designed to reflect the marvelous device that the CloudPad 700FHD is.

Seriously selfie-worthy

In this day and age, everyone’s particular with the cameras – for most, it might even be the first feature they test the first time they get a hold of a device. Taking photos have become more crucial in documenting moments and getting a clearer picture of the world, the people, and the happenings around us. Whether you’re on a video call over Skype, shooting pictures to post on Instagram, or just taking selfies with friends, you know you’re getting seriously clear images with the CloudPad 700FHD’s13MP rear camera with LED flash and 8MP front camera.

Seriously hardcore to the core

CloudFone’s first octa-core tablet, the CloudPad 700FHD sports a true 1.7 GHz octacore chipset with the MT6592 combined the ARM Cortex‐A7 processor with the ARM Mali™ GPU with the capability to run eight cores running simultaneously while making sure its energy consumption is under control; hence, giving you power performance and power management efficiency at the same time. Multi-tasking and running several apps shouldn’t be a frustration with a tablet that can stay on the go. Playing those heavy memory-hogging and battery-draining games will be fun once again with a device that can keep up with you. Level up your gaming and processing experience with no worries now that the CloudPad 700FHDis here! Rest assure that it will do its job, and it will do it well.

Seriously stunning

Aside from being an all-around mulimedia device, the CloudPad 700FHD also has a SIM slot, allowing users to call, text, connect to 3G network, and even use it as a WiFi hotspot! The slew of amazing specs just keep coming in.

Having 16 GB internal memory means having 4 times more storage space for your app, games, photos, music files, videos, and anything that takes up space on your device. However, it doesn’t just end there. Being USB OTG compatible, you can plug in your USB flash drive directly to your CloudPad 700FHD and access your movies, photos, documents or files, and all its contents through a USB OTG cable. Even taking it a step further, you can even plug in other peripherals such as game controllers, USB mouse, and basically most things that has a USB connector on it.

Coming in at Php 8,999, you’ve got to check out the CloudPad 700FHD in stores for yourself and let your tablet experience show you how seriously clear it gets.

CloudPad 700FHD Spec Sheet