Lab tests show that taking vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate with Zinc offers the benefits of vitamin C without the high acid levels


Stomach irritation or hyperacidity is one of the main complaints of those who take regular forms of vitamin C. This happens when stomach acid interacts with high acid levels found in regular vitamin C. Good thing there are vitamin C variants that address this problem such as RHEA Generics’ Calcium Ascorbate with Zinc, a vitamin C supplement that has the advantage of being non-acidic.

Vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate is also much more readily absorbed in the blood stream and is better than the regular sodium ascorbate as sodium often raises blood pressure.

In addition, RHEA Generics is the first in the market to offer vitamin C with Zinc for adults. Zinc is a mineral that is vital to many biological functions as it helps strengthen the immune system, heal wounds and control diabetes.

RHEA Generics’ Vitamin C with Zinc is now available in boxes of 30s and 100s in all leading drugstores nationwide.


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