Manila, Philippines 24 June 2014 – SaaS solutions provider Salarium takes payroll processing to the next level after releasing its mobile optimized site earlier this month.

The launch of Salarium Payroll’s mobile site answers the need of HR professionals and business owners who want to be more in control of their payroll—everything they need for processing their employees’ salary, such as calculating for earnings and attendance monitoring, can now be accessed straight from their smartphones and tablets. The functionality of the mobile site allows users to manage all standard features with ease. Their employees can also enjoy the mobile update, given the convenience of filing for attendance, leave requests, and loans.

Salarium’s suite of software applications is not intimidating to use even to those who are not tech savvy. Its features and functions are intuitive, allowing users to generate payroll easily with just a few clicks. The mobile version mirrors the standard site, only sleeker and more convenient to use for a smaller screen. Salarium Payroll makes the application suitable for any mobile device as its pages are set to automatically fit all types of screen, and can be accessed conveniently through all mobile browsers.

Current subscribers can benefit from the same quality of the payroll software, while new subscribers can sign-up just as easily.

“Intelligent Solutions, Simplified” indeed.

Salarium prides itself with features that make payroll processing faster for HR managers and staff. Its Employee Self-Service features speed up the submission and approval of timesheet, loan, leave, overtime, and expense requests. The system allows exact computation of salaries, including contributions, additional earnings and other types of salary adjustments. Incorrect input can be changed easily by authorized users.

Gathering employee information can now be done by simply uploading employee 201 files. Salarium readily keeps track of such documents in its database for effortless retrieval. Modifications with employee records are done automatically, minimizing HR tasks and saving more time to be spent for other major projects.

Salarium sticks to functionality. The selfie and geofencing technology are breakthroughs in the payroll software industry, and Salarium gives its users a modern option to clock in and out. All they need to do is to capture their selfie. Since Salarium is intuitive, it is foolproof as well. It detects the location of the user and accepts a clock in/out only if it’s done within the valid proximity set by the Payroll Administrator.

All these features and more are made available by Salarium. With its mobile site version, these features are made even more accessible to its users.

There is no doubt Salarium will help businesses of all scales grow with endless possibilities. The company commits itself to perpetuating and developing the smartest payroll solutions for HR experts and companies worldwide. With its upcoming HRIS and Purchasing modules, Salarium is evidently limitless when it comes to innovating management methods and streamlining the payroll processing.

Even with the latest updates, Salarium has decided not to increase its prices: the Business Plan can still be purchased at $4 per user per month, while companies with five users or less can sign-up for free.

Salarium Payroll provides the easiest way to generate payroll without compromising both accuracy in calculation and security of employee records. It saves HR professionals from spending long hours attending to the demanding tasks of processing payrolls. Salarium guarantees a fast, precise, and reliable module to meet the obligations of payroll professionals.

Salarium is an SaaS solutions provider offering reliable and cost-efficient Payroll, HR Management, and Purchasing modules. Its enterprise solutions are used by SMEs and large businesses worldwide, with over 4,000 users subscribed to its services.

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