Say no to blurry shots and shaky videos taken with your phone. The DJI Osmo Mobile 2, unveiled at CES 2018, costs like a budget phone and gives you a steady way to capture smooth videos and steady photos, whether you use the rear or front cameras. Unlike the previous version, the Osmo Mobile 2 lets you mount your phone in portrait mode, for upright selfies and videos, which is how many people shoot and view content on their phones. The Osmo Mobile 2 retails for P7,900 and is distributed by MSI-ECS.

The Osmo Mobile 2

  • is a smartphone camera stabilizer that cancels out movement in three directions, so your video stays steady even when your hands wobble. DJI’s SmoothTrack technology detects and compensates for your movement.
  • is lightweight and portable, is made from high-strength modified nylon, and features a folding design so you can fold it away and bring it out conveniently.
  • has a two-way mobile clamp that allows easy pivot between landscape and portrait orientation, so you can quickly shift between the format you want. It even has a 1/4″ universal screw mount that ensure compatibility with your photography accessories.
  • features simpler controls that allow you to use your phone’s camera like a pro’s camera, with integrated settings for ISO, shutter speed, and more. It even has a new zoom slider that lets you operate your smartphone camera from the handle (and you can even dolly zoom, an effect often seen on professional film sets).
  • comes with software features for professional-looking content: ActiveTrack to auto-follow subjects in motion, Motion Timelapse for up to 5 different camera positions, Hyperlapse for dramatic time-lapse videos with the camera in motion, and it even allows live streaming to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Photographers will enjoy Panorama, Long Exposure, and Lighttrail modes.

Osmo Mobile 2 retails at PhP 7,900 and is locally distributed by MSI-ECS. You can call them (02) 688-3512 or email You may also visit Liked this post? Follow SwirlingOverCoffee on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gives smartphone shooters steady videos and stunning photos